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Chalapathi Rao talks about his interest on woman and explains on his controversial comments - 23-05-2017
"There is no man without women at all. My words at the audio launch of Rarandoi veduka Chuddam are not at all intentional i just wanted to reveal a joke and everyone were so surprised on it ". Chalapathi Rao gave out a video of his own asking apology to whose who got hurted by the words of his, Chalapathi Rao also explained out that everyone is making serious words on his and memes too.

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"Righ from Trump, Obama and everyone there is a woman who is standing by him. Our man is nothing without woman and they are so equal to us. Anchor asked about girls are dangerous to peaceful living answered in much funny way but nothing else" Stated Chalapathi Rao.

"Woman is not for sex and i doesn't mean about sex when i used the word, Pakka" stated Chalapathi in his video.
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