Top 10 Fake ID Websites in 2023
  • Matthew Daniel
  • March 18, 2023

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The internet has been a hub of fake ID websites for several years now. This has provided people from all over the world with a platform to buy or sell anything, including fake IDs. Although it is illegal, there are many reasons why people opt for fake IDs, such as gaining unfair advantages, minors wanting to enter adult clubs, or businesses wanting to increase their popularity on social media.

Are you tired of government-imposed limitations and restrictions? Are you a young person looking for more freedom to enjoy life without restrictions? Parties, alcohol, clubs, driving, and more can all be accessed with one solution: a fake ID.

What Is A Fake ID?

A fake ID refers to any form of identification not legally issued or approved by the government. It is typically used by underage individuals to gain access to restricted areas.

10 Best Fake ID Websites 2023

Many websites claim to offer authentic fake IDs, but which ones are the best? These websites allow customers to order fake IDs online and provide their personal information, which is then used to create the fake ID. The production process usually takes 7 to 14 days, with express delivery options available at an additional cost.

Pricing for fake IDs varies depending on the state and type of ID requested but typically ranges from $80 to $150. As a safety precaution, these websites do not disclose their delivery process.

How To Identify A Legitimate Fake ID Website?

While some fake ID websites are trustworthy, others are fraudulent and take advantage of unsuspecting customers. The following features are characteristic of legitimate fake ID websites:

1. Payment options.
2. Available state IDs.
3. Customer privacy protection.
4. Company location information.
5. Quality of fake IDs and their similarity to authentic IDs.
6. Printing techniques and equipment used.
7. Customer support.
8. User-friendly website interface.
9. Information generator software for creating realistic data for fake ID orders.
10. Positive customer reviews.

Moreover, to ensure that the fake ID appears genuine, certain ID features, such as magnetic strips and barcodes, must be replicated accurately.

Safety is paramount in any situation, and therefore, it is essential to stay safe while using fake IDs and to stay safe from viruses. Here is our comprehensive top 10 list for March 2023 of the best fake ID websites.


This website offers premium standard fake IDs for many US states and other countries. They provide discounts to people who buy fake IDs in bulk and offer fast delivery with their experts who construct IDs based on real IDs that are unmatchable.


They have more than 40 American IDs, accept various payment options including Western Union, Bitcoin, and Litecoin, offer fast-paced regular updates in their DMV designs, and provide scan-proof fake IDs that let you pass through highly guarded clubs.


Some customers have found it to be a bit expensive.


This website provides bulk discounts and multiple payment options for those who want to have multiple or single fake IDs. They have popular fake IDs for fooling barbook and bartenders instate.


Their fake IDs are scannable and contain lenses for polycarbonate IDs, and they have a clear interface with an up-to-date navigation system.


There are not many complaints, but some customers demand to accept Western Union.


This website has a legitimate feel in the market, with a fresh face and a hot social media presence. They provide numerous payment methods and have access to specialized US state IDs that are exceptionally made. They offer fast delivery, taking only approximately 7 days to your doorstep.


They offer numerous payment methods, their modern templates are a result of their service of continued updates with technologies, and they have fast delivery.


They need to get fresh Nevada and Nebraska templates.


This website offers a relatively cheap service and serves for greater than 40 US state licenses. However, there are concerns about the legitimacy of customer reviews.


They offer fake IDs for more than the majority of US states, and they are inexpensive.


The website is difficult to navigate, and there is no presence on social media or fast customer service.


This website offers exceptional fake ID service for students from places covering Europe, the USA, and Australian soil. They are cheap and easy to acquire, and they offer a standard duplicate without any charge in case anything goes wrong.


This site’s heavy social media presence proves its validity for students, and they provide cards that are built to avoid the latest hologram security points.


They do not offer many payment options like Western Union or Google pay like others.


This website is one of the top-grossing websites for fake IDs, offering a reliable service to personnel from US States to Russia.


They offer quick and easy delivery, and they have a variety of payment methods.


Some customers have complained about their IDs being too thick, which makes them suspicious.

7. is an attractive website with an easy-to-use interface that provides access to most US states. It is a reliable source for high-quality fake IDs that are scan-proof. Additionally, they offer free shipping and customizable signatures, making them a convenient choice for those in need of a fake ID.

fake id for Tennessee


  • Offers scan-proof fake IDs
  • Provides free shipping
  • Offers customizable signatures and extra duplicates


  • Delivery of the fake ID may take a while

8. is a reliable source for high-quality fake IDs but has received mixed reviews from previous customers. Although their record of service is not up to par, they are a trusted source for fake IDs covering numerous US states. They are also friendly towards underage buyers.


  • Offers scan-proof fake IDs
  • Friendly towards underage buyers


  • Known to deliver late or not respond back for exchanges

9. is a Chinese-operated website that produces 30 different fake ID cards and 21 driving licenses. Although unconventional, their fake IDs are produced with detail and clarity, including holograms, making them a cost-effective choice.


  • Offers cost-effective deals
  • Provides high-quality fake IDs with holograms


  • Payment data may be unsafe as the website does not utilize SSL
  • Staff may not be English proficient

10. is one of the oldest fake ID websites, offering a wide range of payment plans and covering all major US states. Their customer service representatives are friendly and helpful in addressing any queries.


  • Offers frank and comfortable customer service representatives
  • Provides payment options and tracking numbers


  • May be expensive, costing around $100 per card

In Conclusion

The internet has allowed for the easy accessibility of fake ID websites. It is important to be cautious when using such services, as they may pose risks such as delays in delivery and misuse of personal information. However, the above-listed websites are the best in 2023 and provide high-quality fake IDs with pros and cons to consider before using their services.


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