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26 Guest Bedroom Ideas You Can Use in a Pinch

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If you have a guest bedroom, it can be used as a spare room or an extra guest bed, but it’s also an excellent place to display your home decor. 

The idea of having a guest bedroom in your home is wonderful. You can give guests a place to stay, and it makes for an ideal space for catching up with friends and family. 

But the reality is that many people don’t have enough space for this luxury. Here are some small-space solutions you can use to make the most of your guest room.

26 Guest Bedroom Ideas

1. Let your imagination run wild

– Drapes or curtains with a printed pattern (or add in painted details). 

– Carpeting and wall colors that coordinate well. For example, if you have black furniture, your walls should be dark. If you are using light-colored woodwork as a backdrop for artwork and pictures of family members, choose soft pastels to make it feel like home. 

– Add a small accent rug. To make it look like you have more floor space, add rugs that are the same size as your drapes to the back of some furniture (so when guests sit on them, their feet don’t go through), perhaps in front of an ornate chair or love seat. 

2. Transform the attic  

A guest bedroom or a home office could be one of the best uses for an attic. The majority of attics are often used as storage. Still, this space can also be converted into extra living and sleeping areas by adding shelving, a closet, and other furniture.

A living room was created in the attic and then converted into a bedroom. The space is open to the roof for natural light with two exposed brick walls. Make sure you add windows so that your guests can get natural light without any artificial lights! 

3. Get crafty in the guest bedroom.

This is a great way to use unused space in your guest room. The craft area can be placed next to the window, giving guests ample natural light and a view outside into the yard. 

A small desk or tables are often used as workstations for office spaces, but they could also double as desks with storage underneath. These tabletops would be perfect for storing books on shelves you’ve built yourself that extend out from under them.

The space is a great place to set up a workstation for guests who are in your home for extended periods.

4. Make space in the closet.

A guest bedroom doesn’t always have to be a hideaway. This room would be great for hosting guests so that they’re able to come into your home without feeling as if they need extra space in their own rooms while also helping you keep track of what’s going on with everyone at the same time. 

An easy way to make sure that guests can find something is by adding some signage or stickers!

5. Don’t forget the pets space in the guest bedroom.


The guest bedroom doesn’t have to be used exclusively for guests if you want to share the space with your pets. You could make an area where they can stay when it’s not being used as a room or create a separate entrance from the main living area that leads into this “pet” portion of the floor plan like polished concrete.

If you have a pet, make sure they can get some space to run around in their own room. Whether it’s an exercise pen or just an area of the room that is off-limits during guest stays, your animals will be happier and more comfortable!

A guest room can be a great place to host guests so that they don’t feel like they’re intruding on your space, but it also allows you some privacy. 

6. Invite them to relax with a good read

Even if you don’t have a guest room, it’s still important to let your guests know that they’re welcome to sit down with something in their hands. You could make an area for books or just stock up on some board games so that there are options!

A library nook is a great place for reading materials and looking at pictures of all of the places where you traveled while abroad. A guest suite is a good way to add space to your home and can be more affordable than adding on a new room. 

It’s important that this room feels like it belongs to you, so we recommend bringing all of the furniture from your living area into the guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom can be a great place to store clothes because it’s not often used, so you don’t have to worry about guests feeling like they’re being intruded on when they walk in. You could add built-in shelves or drawers for more storage.

7. Add bedside lighting

A lot of people choose to have floor lamps in their bedrooms because they’re a more intimate way to add light, but when you opt for bedside lighting, it can make the room feel more inviting.

You could also use battery-operated LED lights that are completely energy efficient! If your guests want privacy while sleeping, consider putting up curtains or adding drapes on the windows and doors.

Outlined window treatments help create a sense of privacy while still letting light in. Make sure to have a door that opens into the hall and a window with curtains so guests can go outside without feeling too exposed. 

When it comes time for bed, you could offer your guest a comfortable night’s sleep by putting out sheets or blankets on their side of the bed (or even better yet, ask them if they’d like to leave some!)

8. Create a vanity area

A vanity area can be a great place to store various beauty items and toiletries. It’s also a wonderful way to create some privacy by offering guests their own space with makeup, mirrors, and other essentials! 

If you’re short on storage options, consider adding drawers underneath the sink or hanging shelves off of it. If you have a larger vanity area, consider adding some shelving to give guests more options for storage.

If your guest is staying in their own room and not wanting or needing to use the bathroom, it can be helpful if they’re offered a few essentials such as shampoo, toothpaste, and other toiletries, so they don’t feel completely stuck without being able to get ready.

9. Try Twinning 

When guests enter their bedroom, they’ll immediately be welcomed with a personal touch. You can have twin beds in the same room by adding another set of dressers to create this effect and keeping them on opposite sides. 

If you don’t want to add more furniture, consider going for two pillows instead- one cushion that is placed above your head when you sleep and the other that you sleep on (often referred to as a “twin”).

 A twin bed is an easy way for guests to feel comfortable and not like their space has been compromised. You can also consider pulling out the guest room furniture and putting it in this area- if your guests will be spending most of their time there, they’ll appreciate having some separation from your bedroom.

10. Pile on the Pillows 

Pillows make for the perfect addition to a guest bedroom, especially when you want your guests to feel at home.

You can provide some privacy and comfort by having many pillows on top of one another or having them available individually so that guests may choose their preferred style. If you have a queen or king bed, consider adding an extra pillow to create more space. 

A touch of red accents can liven up any bedroom and give it more personality. Try adding some throw pillows with an animal print, or even just a couple of pieces of art depicting fun creatures to add interest. If you’re looking for bolder decorating ideas, consider painting the walls in a bright color- this will help set the mood in your guest room and allow guests to feel comfortable when they’re in your home.

11. Dress the Windows


Windows are a great way to let light in and add some personality to your guest room. It’s easy enough to keep them covered when guests aren’t around, but you can also dress the windows up with decorative curtains for a more personalized touch. You may want different curtains depending on the time of year- consider doing blackout ones during winter months or adding sheer drapes if it is summertime.

12. Add a Mirror

Your guests will be able to freshen up in front of a mirror as soon as they walk into their room.

It’s essential for them to see themselves before bed, which can help with anxiety and lessen the need for morning routine check-ins. 

Consider adding this element on the wall or by hanging it from a hook above your dresser so that you don’t make any permanent holes in your walls!

13. A Small Chair

If you don’t have room for a larger bedside table, consider adding an armless chair or ottoman instead.

A small piece of furniture like this can easily be tucked in the corner and put to use as a nightstand- it will also make your guests feel welcome, knowing they’ll find everything they need right at their fingertips!

14. Mind the Time

Staying up all night is not recommended, and it’s important to keep your guests in the loop regarding bedtime. If you have an alarm on your phone that wakes you up at a given time each day, consider setting it for early mornings so that everyone will be rested and ready when they wake up! You can also leave notes around the house explaining what time of day people are allowed to go down for breakfast or how long until dinner.

15. Add Impact with DIY ART.

If you’re lacking inspiration for decorating in your guest room, consider adding DIY art to the walls!

You can use a temporary wall decal or paint your own unique design onto paper and then stick it up on the wallpaper. 

This is a great way to add an artistic touch without committing too much of yourself to fabric choices. 

16. Cleverly Incorporate Storage

If you’re hosting guests for the night and want them to have a place to store their things, put out a suitcase or basket with all of the basic necessities inside.

Make sure that your guest will be able to find everything they need before bedtime by adding toiletries like toothbrushes and soap in addition! Consider adding a few drawers under the bed so guests can stash their things away while they sleep.

17. Stock the Necessities

Consider putting out a small supply of toiletries, snacks, and drinks for guests to make the night more comfortable.

This can be done with a tray or basket that you keep on your dresser, so it’s easily accessible without having to move all over the room!

18. Keep it Easy on the Eyes.

If you’re hosting guests for a night, keep your guest’s bedding and room as simple as possible. This is to make things more aesthetically pleasing and easier to maintain while they stay with you! 

It may be tempting, but avoid adding too much color into your bedroom- this will only contribute to unnecessary clutter that can become overwhelming.

19. Make it Personal

Consider giving your guests a welcome packet that includes helpful information and an itinerary for the day. This is good to have before they arrive so you can make sure they’re up to speed with any information you need them to know while they stay with you!

It’s also a great way of making it personal, ensuring that their visit will be enjoyable from start to finish. This will also make sure that they don’t spend their time on the phone or taking care of other things while they’re with you! 

Consider printing out a map and placing it in an envelope. Who knows- the guest may want to go for a walk around your neighborhood after breakfast.

20. Cue the Quilt

If you’re not sure if your guest has a quilt, consider asking them when they come over. If their answer is “no,” this can be the time to step in and get creative! The concept of a quilt is that it’s made up of squares, with each one being an individual piece of fabric that is sewn together. This means that your guest can make it their own, and if they want to keep the same look, don’t be afraid to ask them! 

21. Bring in a Bench

Consider bringing in a bench to your bedroom for guests to sit on while they’re visiting. This will provide the perfect place for them to relax and unwind before heading out into the town, as well as providing an extra bed if they want! 

The wood-look finish is also very popular these days, so it’s sure not to be boring. If you plan on hosting guests, this is a great way to make their stay more comfortable and provide them with an extra layer of personalization.

This can also be used as another place for your guests to sit while they’re visiting, so it will add some additional seating!

22. Put Even the Smallest Spaces to Work.

Consider adding even the smallest spaces in your home to work- like a cupboard or drawer! This will provide extra space for guests, and you’ll make them feel more at home. 

If they’re willing to put some effort into it, consider adding personal touches like photos or notes. This will provide a unique space that they can take pride in, and you’ll never have to worry about them feeling off-put by the lack of personalization.

23. Use what to have

Your bedroom can be used for more than just sleeping- consider using it as a place to store books! This will provide extra space that’s perfect for guests, and you won’t have to worry about them taking over your bookshelves. 

If there are some physical rules in your home, like not stacking things on top of each other, put up posters or bulletin boards instead. It will provide a unique space for guests to enjoy, and you’ll have more room for study areas.

This is also another great option if your bedroom has limited natural light- this way, they can still read even when it’s dark outside!

24. Make it Easy to Grab +Go

If you have a couch, consider putting it in the front hall. This will provide extra space for guests, and they’ll feel more at home because there’s somewhere to sit down when they come over. 

It also makes it easier for them to grab their keys or phone if needed so your living room can stay clutter-free! If you’re planning on having more guests stay for a longer period of time, consider making it easy to grab and go- like with the extra bed.

If they find themselves getting overwhelmed by your home or want some privacy, this is perfect because they can pack up their stuff and leave. This can also be a great option if they don’t want to feel like you’re pressuring them to stay.

25. Help them feel at Home.

If they’re not willing to move anything, consider putting on a pot of coffee or tea and serving some snacks. It will provide them with something that’s easy for you to make (and less work!)- but also much appreciated by guests! 

This is another great option if your home doesn’t have enough space for more than one person- it can help give the illusion that there are multiple guests!

This is also a great option if they’re really, really tired and want to go to bed early- this way, they can still have some downtime in the evening. It will provide them with an easy refuge so that you don’t feel like your home is too big for just one person. 

26. Provide healthy snacks


If they’re hungry, consider providing healthy snacks- anything from fruit to granola bars. This is a great idea if they have been traveling and are used to eating healthier options! It will also help them save on the money that would be spent at the grocery store (or gas station) during their stay with you.

It can also be a great alternative to coffee or tea- if they’re uncomfortable with that, keep some water in the fridge for them to drink. This is best done when you have snacks on hand so that it’s easy for guests who might want something different than what’s available!

If your home has access to a kitchen and refrigerator, consider buying fresh fruit and veggies from the grocery store ahead of time so that they will always be available.

Hang a diving curtain

For guests who are uncomfortable with your bed or you want to feel like they’re not in the middle of your living space, consider hanging a diving curtain. This can make it easier for them to sleep without feeling too disconnected from your home- and also helps keep dirty laundry out of sight!

You can also consider installing a curtain track if you have the room to do so- this is perfect for renters or people with limited space in their homes. You may even want to look into renting out your spare bedroom!

Colorful Quilts

In order to ensure that your guest is comfortable and their stay with you is pleasant, consider providing them with a bedspread or blanket that has a pattern or colors that would go well with their decor.

If they have a favorite color, consider asking them what it is and providing that in their bedding- they’ll be able to sleep without worrying about finding something that will match. You could also ask them if there are any colors or patterns that make them feel uncomfortable so you can avoid those options for their comfort! 

If you have a guest to whom it’s important that they feel like an honored member of the family, consider buying them their own blanket. This is a great way to ensure that they won’t be cold while sleeping in your home!

Add a Couch

When you have a guest visiting, it can be hard to get them out of your bedroom if they aren’t sleeping well or feeling comfortable.

Add an extra couch in the living room so that guests who would like to watch TV or read books can do so without having their space invaded with beds and couches!

If you don’t have room for an extra couch, consider using a futon or air mattress. This can be really useful if your guest is more of the type to sleep on couches rather than beds!


Do you have a guest bedroom that you don’t use much? If so, why not turn it into something that is more functional and useful for your family? These 26 ideas will help you get started with the process of converting a guest room into a space that is more useful. The only thing left to do now is to get to work- it’s time to do some decorating!

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