• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

4 Simple Ways to View a Private Instagram Account

Instagram account | Instagram is the most popular medium for mass-sharing photographs and videos. To receive the most exposure, make eye-catching tales and tag your best friends, family members, or recent Instagram followers. While Instagram encourages social sharing, the site also allows users to have private profiles.

The majority of Instagram accounts, particularly personal ones, are kept private, but if you have a business Instagram profile, are an influencer, or are a celebrity, your account is most likely set to public.

Regardless of the default privacy settings, users may always choose who can see certain postings and information.

One of the most often asked Instagram questions is, ‘Is it possible to peek at a private Instagram account?‘ This is the topic of this article.

Let’s get begin and look at how to access private Instagram profiles.


1. Send a Follow Request to the Private Account 

There’s a reason why many choose to keep their accounts secret. They only want their content to be seen by those they know.

Thus, the only true white hat wait is to issue a follow request and have it accepted. 

If your request is denied, you may always DM (direct message) the creator to catch their attention and, perhaps, get on their radar and have your follow request confirmed.

2. Perform a Google search for the handle of the profile.

Here’s how to use Google to view Instagram private account posts.

Google keeps track of Instagram account material, and merely typing the profile’s handle into Google’s search engine might yield a wealth of information. However, only material generated while the account was public will be viewable.

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This makes it one of the simplest methods for bypassing private Instagram accounts.

3. Utilize a Third-Party Instagram Viewer App

You may view private accounts using a variety of third-party programs.

1. Glassagram

Glassagram is perhaps the most popular tool for seeing private Instagram profiles since they are the actual deal, which means they can display you the target’s private Instagram story and account in full.

They are an award-winning private Instagram profile viewer that will allow you to easily spy on that closed profile you so want to see.

Of course, this comes with complete anonymity. You’ll even get access to their private DMs!

2. uMobix

uMobix is especially useful if you are a parent and want to monitor what your children are doing on their Instagram pages.

Perhaps your children have recently been suffocated on the Internet, and as a result, they have set their Instagram profiles to private.

If this is the case, you’ll need a powerful solution that can quickly help you penetrate a secret Instagram account, so you can ensure that your children are still safe online, even when they know you can’t see what they’re doing (or so they think).

They offer a demo, and you can use this tracking tool on numerous devices and platforms, which means you can keep track of what they’re doing not only on Instagram, but also on Snapchat, Facebook, and other sites.

3. EyeZy

With eyeZy, seeing private Instagram profiles is a breeze.

One of the best things about them is that they are very inexpensive, and they can let you check what’s going on on the target person’s Instagram profile from afar so you don’t have to wait until you come home to see what’s going on.

They feature a sample so you can see how they function before committing to anything, and they also sync all information with the cloud so you can quickly access it from anywhere in the globe.

4. Make a fake Instagram account.

Don’t worry if sending follow requests and direct messages don’t work for you. You can establish a bogus Instagram account, but this is unethical and against the platform’s guidelines, so use this approach at your own risk.

Tips for Making a Fake Account:

  • Create an account using a girl’s name to increase your chances of approval. 
  • Also, use an eye-catching Instagram username to attract attention. If your intended Instagram username is not accessible, you may easily claim an Inactive Instagram username.
  • Upload real female photographs that show the interests of ladies (not an actress).
  • Upload at least 8-10 photographs to your profile to make it as engaging as possible.

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