5 Ways Twitter Changed After Elon Musk
  • Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

5 Ways Twitter Changed After Elon Musk

Twitter has undergone some exciting changes after Elon Musk took over the social media application in October 2022. Not only has Elon Musk made changes to the features of Twitter, but he has also made a huge change in the company personnel. According to reports, Elon has laid off a huge number of Twitter employees after taking over the company.

According to ExpressVPN, Twitter’s employee count has been reduced to a mere 1,800 after Elon decided to fire a huge chunk of its employees. Currently, the company has lesser employees than it had in 2012. Additionally, based on some predictions, Twitter will lose about 6% of its US users in 2023. Overall, Twitter might lose a whopping 33 million users globally by the end of 2024. 

The Evolution Of Twitter Verse After Elon Musk Acquisition

Twitter layoffs: Elon Musk fires more employees in a new round of job cuts - BusinessToday

It can not be denied that the social media app Twitter is going through a huge makeover. Elon Musk has decided to change the overall look and feel of the social media app for its users. Let’s look at the major changes Twitter has gone through since Elon Musk took over.

Changes Made To Twitter By Elon Musk

1. Elon Musk has made some questionable changes to Twitter after taking over the social media app. Here are five major changes that Musk has introduced on Twitter.

2. Twitter has suspended access to all third-party apps that allowed users to customize the app. Additionally, these third-party apps allowed users to remove ads from their feeds. However, now users can not access Twitter through its API. It was probably done so that users are more prone to access Twitter Blue, which has customization features for users.

3. The most obvious change in Twitter is the customization of the user feed. Users can now prioritize what they want to see on their feeds. Users can either prioritize content from people they follow or choose to view top tweets pushed forward by the Twitter algorithm.

4. The most controversial decision taken by Elon Musk after he took over Twitter was reinstating banned accounts. High-profile accounts that were earlier banned due to violating Twitter policies were reinstated after Elon Musk took over. Some of the high-profile accounts that were reinstated are that of Kanye West, Donald Trump, and Andrew Tate.

5. The introduction of Twitter Blue is one of the most significant changes to the Twitter app. Users can now access a paid version of Twitter to get Blue or Gold checkmarks for their account with additional perks and services. The feature is, for now, only available in select countries.

6. Earlier, the blue checkmarks were provided to accounts that had a huge following; however, that has changed now. Accounts that previously had blue checkmarks will still have them to celebrate their legacy. But the new Twitter has Gold and Silver badges for businesses and government officials. Official brands now get gold badges, while well-known political figures get silver badges for their accounts. In comparison, blue checkmarks can simply be achieved by getting Twitter Blue.


With the Introduction of Twitter Blue and a new way for users to get verified checkmarks, Elon Musk has succeeded in changing the look of Twitter for its users. We are yet to know how these changes will fare for the app. Twitter is still managing to retain a lot of its users. However, the app’s success heavily depends on the future changes it will face. There might be a chance that Twitterverse will eventually succumb to the sudden changes it is facing. 


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