• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

5 Bidet Converter Kit Advantages That Will Change Your Mind!

Why use toilet paper when there’s a more affordable, pleasant, and sanitary alternative? We’re talking about bidet cleaning, of course! With a simple bidet conversion kit, you can easily convert your existing toilet into a bidet.

Bidets are bathroom fixtures that provide a stream of water to clean up after you’ve finished. Even better, you can now find a bidet conversion kit for your current toilet, eliminating the need to re-plumb or redesign your bathroom. Furthermore, bidet conversion kits are simple to install and inexpensive, avoiding the need for piping or renovation.

Originally, bidets were mainly found in the Eastern globe. However, bidets have grown in popularity in the Western and other parts of the world. They offer a comprehensive cleaning experience, making them an excellent substitute for toilet paper.

Why did we Enjoy It?

First and foremost, the device is simple to set up. Its dual nozzle spray delivers two distinct wash choices. The posterior nozzle delivers a highly pleasant clean, and the feminine nozzle has a gentler spray.

It also has a pressure control dial, making it easy to manage the water pressure. The dial also has a very pleasant grip, making it extremely easy to use. Furthermore, the product’s easy-grip attachment fits toilets of any size.

Furthermore, to ensure a precise fit, it has optional toilet seat bumpers that allow you to modify the distance between the seat and the toilet. 

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The Advantages of a Bidet Converter Kit

Bidets are a popular choice for a variety of reasons. They are convenient since you will never run out of water or toilet paper. They are a softer alternative to dry toilet paper.

1. Bidets are Inexpensive:

Saving you up to 70% on paper towels. Toilet paper might become a limited item during a crisis. Toilet paper is considerably more difficult to obtain during snowfall or a pandemic.

2. Reduced Plumbing Troubles and Blocked Toilets 

 You’ve experienced a bathroom that refuses to flush after you’ve done, especially if you used toilet paper afterward. You may avoid this issue by cleaning yourself after using the toilet using bidets.

3. Environmentally Friendly :

Producing a roll of toilet paper needs 1.5 pounds of wood. Bidets are a more environmentally friendly solution. Using them contributes to the preservation of the environment. 

4. A Gentle and Comfortable Option:

Cleaning up with toilet paper can induce anal fissures and hemorrhoids, which are real pain in the posterior. The area surrounding the anus is vulnerable to damage, and most paper towels are harsh and dry, unlike bidets, which produce a soft stream of water to assist you in cleaning up after you defecate.

According to research, over 27,000 trees are chopped down daily to supply the everyday demands of human toilet paper use.

5. Bidets are Ecologically Friendly:

A bidet is a fantastic place to start if you want to help save the earth. Bidets allow you to use significantly less toilet paper, which saves forests. It also means less plastic used by manufacturers to wrap toilet paper rolls and less energy used to transform trees into paper rolls.

Actual Bidet Versus Converter Kit 

Bidets are a softer toilet paper alternative to help with hemorrhoids and rectal irritation. On the other hand, a complete bidet is more costly and takes up more bathroom space, making it unsuitable for smaller lavatory rooms. 

Conversion Kits:

Bidet conversion kits are a less expensive option than a complete bidet sink. The conversion kit provides similar benefits to a full toilet bidet with a toilet seat add-on. For your convenience, we’ve summarised the advantages and downsides below.


  • It’s less expensive than a complete bidet.
  • It helps you save money on toilet paper.
  • Installation is simple.
  • Ideal for tiny bathrooms.


  • A new electrical outlet may be required.
  • The heating might not be dependable.
  • It does not affect the resale value of your home.

Actual Bidet:

A bidet is a tiny, generally porcelain, stand-alone fixture. After using the restroom, you just sit on the bidet to clean. The following information outlines the benefits and drawbacks of a complete bidet:


  • This enables you to save money on toilet paper.
  • There are several styles available.
  • Water temperature and pressure may be adjusted.


  • Installing is costly.
  • More room is required.
  • It is inconvenient for persons who have mobility issues.


Many individuals are wary about utilizing bidets. They are, nevertheless, a more environmentally responsible alternative to tissue paper. If you care about the environment and preserving trees and natural resources, you might consider these simple additions to your standard toilet seat.

Several bidet types are available to provide a sanitary and comfortable experience. You may browse our list above to find some of the top bidet conversion kits available today.


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