• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

Crypto Experts Believe The Downturn Could Present Easy Entry Points for New Investors

Welcome to the crypto world! If you’re new to the sector, find you can benefit from the bear market. 

The bear market, when the cryptocurrencies plummet 20% from their recent highs, is among the scariest events in the market for investors. But new investors can take advantage of the market’s state and make a profit. The phrase bear market can strike fear into traders’ hearts. Still, seasoned investors know these downturns are unavoidable, and they only have to wait for the sector to recover and the digital assets to rise in value again. Bear markets provide new investors with great opportunities in any sector. 

Suppose you’ve been putting your first foray into the crypto sector; listen up, 2023 is the opportune time to take the plunge and purchase your first digital currencies. 

Why is the Bear Market Beneficial for New Investors?

To help you understand why this is the best time to enter the crypto market, let’s have a glimpse at a situation from 2008. When the US economy started to falter in 2008, Warren Buffet started investing in brands like Dow Chemical, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs. While other investors have been reticent to spend their money and preferred to keep their finances guarded, the Oracle of Omaha invested in several companies. He made over $10 billion profit when the market bounced back. When asked why he adopted this strategy, he said he prefers to buy when quality merchandise is marked down. 

Suppose you’re new to the crypto sector; consider following Buffet’s example, regardless if your finances allow you only to do it at a smaller or larger scale. Even if storm clouds still loom above the market and the FTX collapse had many traders running scared of any risky investment, this could be the ideal moment to get your feet wet. 

Seasoned investors who went through multiple market swings know this market phase could present an opportunity for beginner investors with disposable income willing to make a long-term investment. 2022 might have been a wild year with crypto values ping-ponging from one day to another, but it brought some fantastic bargains. 2023 offers you the opportunity to add some established cryptocurrencies like Ethereum to your portfolio you might not have afforded to purchase before. If you find it hard to believe, check eth price, which didn’t register great fluctuations over the last few months and is definitely lower that its highest peak in 2021. A downmarket buy could bring you positive returns when the crypto market rebounds. 

Now’s The Time to Develop a Long-Term Investing Plan

Looking at cryptocurrencies’ performance over the last year might make it a little scary to enter the market, but developing a long-term plan is an effective way to ensure you can deal with the market’s volatility. Having a plan in place is super important because volatility is an inherent feature of the sector. 

The first step in developing an investing plan is to understand the current digital assets situation. Then you need to establish your investing timeline and how comfortable you are with risking your finances. Before venturing into adding cryptocurrencies to your investment portfolio, try to figure out what the rest of your financial picture looks like. 

As a new crypto investor, you might be tempted to buy the digital tokens with the highest hype around them, but doing so can increase your risk. On the other hand, mixing several cryptocurrencies allows you to meet your goals. 

When you have a long-term horizon, you can make researched decisions and don’t let sudden market movements influence your investment. 

Don’t Adopt a Getting-Rich-Quick Mentality

There are several ways you can capitalize on the crypto market when it’s down. There are no secret formulas, but you can follow some guidelines to increase your success chances. 

Investing in cryptocurrencies is more like a marathon than a sprint because the sector is more volatile than other industries. You might have heard some apocryphal stories about traders who got rich overnight, but in the current situation, the sector will provide profit opportunities over the long run. 

Research shows that investors who held steady for over 10 years can double their returns compared to those who aren’t consistent in their efforts. Therefore, instead of entering the crypto stage with a getting-rich overnight mentality, try to create a long-term plan that allows you to grow your portfolio over time and take advantage of the market’s opportunities. 

Focus on Quality Assets

2022 proved that bear markets wipe out the market the crypto projects that lack utility. Warren Buffet once said that “When the tide goes out, that’s when we find out who had been swimming naked”. Therefore, when the sector goes through a challenging stage, the companies that don’t offer any real competitive advantages or products are hit the hardest. On the other hand, quality projects outperform when the market bounces back. During this period, you can focus on keeping an eye on the market to identify the projects that sink and the ones that stay afloat. 

Stay Disciplined

Sticking to a long-term investing plan requires great mental discipline because crypto values fluctuate. That’s why investing only the money you don’t need for several years is recommended. Don’t buy cryptocurrencies with your next rent check because the market might drop overnight, and lose your house. Staying disciplined also implies not selling in a panic when the values dip. Market volatility is different from risk, and while you might feel anxious when the assets you purchase lose value, it’s crucial to stick to your plan. Separate your emotions from your investment decisions and be patient because markets go through bear and bull markets regularly. 

Final words

These might be gloomy days for the crypto sector, but they could be good news for you if you’re looking for some good deals. Suppose you have the necessary funds to invest in digital currencies and are patient enough to rip the results, you might find this period a good chance to boost your profit. 


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