• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

Five Fabulous Apps for Following Sport

It’s a rare mobile phone that doesn’t have an app on it today. Apps offer a more personalized experience because the user can set their own preferences so that they receive content that matches their interests or requirements more. Apps can also perform functions faster than websites, and when using an app, users can receive non-intrusive notifications from the app, rather than find the communications have sneaked their way into their email inboxes.

Apps offer great convenience for their users, allowing them to perform a variety of tasks all from their mobile phone, rather than use a desktop computer or go somewhere to complete the task. One thing apps enable people to do is follow sports news and get the latest updates on their favorite sports, clubs, players, and more. Below is a look at some of the best apps around for following sports.


The ESPN makes it easy for you to keep up with your favorite sports, sports tournaments, clubs and more. You can set your preferences from the start so that the feed shows you content related to the sports you like and the different related aspects to them. All you have to do to change them is click on the “More” tab and go from there.

You can follow the latest scores, using the “Scores” tab, whereas the “Watch” tab provides you with access to highlights, interviews, game previews, and other content. If you have an ESPN+ subscription, you can link this up with the app to view sports on your phone.

Draft Kings

If you like to place a wager on sporting events, the DraftKings app is a fine choice. The online sportsbook features statistics and analysis so you can get a feel for how things stand and whether an event might produce the outcome you’re betting on. This very important information is easy to find, and you can place your bets without any major trouble.

This app has many different features and options, including fantasy sports and in-play betting. When it comes to crediting your account, you have a wide variety of payment options, and the company is relatively quick to pay out winnings as well. You can also enjoy some fantastic promotions. Draft Kings, like many other sports betting operators, understand how competitive their industry is, and they try to reward players for using their services.

The Athletic

The Athletic app keeps things simple and lets you follow sports teams, competitions and more. The design is uncluttered and minimalist. One of the great things about this app, besides allowing you to tailor your feed, is the option to listen to podcasts. The app will recommend podcasts to you, based on your “Following” preferences.

On this app, you can also follow the scores. If the different features of the app still aren’t enough for you, you can make in-app purchases to add to your experience.

Smart Widgets

College sports can be as thrilling as professional sports. Events such as basketball’s March Madness generate a major deal of excitement and interest. College sports create “David and Goliath” scenarios, and the action can be faster paced. All this makes some fans prefer college sport to the professional games.

If you’re a fan of college sports and have an Android operating system on your phone, the “Smart Widgets” app is the one for you. It’s a clock widget app for college and university sports, and you can follow more than 75 teams. It’s an officially licensed app that comes with the college logo and colors and will help you to stay in the know about your favorite teams and with college and university sporting events scores.


LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time and has a legion of fans. If you’re one of them and have a Samsung phone, you’ll want to check out the simply titled “LeBron” app. The app is exclusive to Samsung and allows you to keep up with all things LeBron James. The app delivers LeBron news, videos, stats, highlights, and more. There’s even insight into his personal life.

Perhaps one of the biggest and best features of the app is the radio station, which plays LeBron’s favorite songs. Even if you’re not a fan, why not download it anyway and see if you have the same tastes or if you discover good music you’ve not heard before?

To follow your favorite sports, there are plenty of apps to choose from, such as the Bleacher Report app, Tribe and ScoreStream. You may prefer more selective apps such as OneFootball if you only want to follow soccer or football, or the Golf Channel if you wish to only keep up the action on the greens.


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