• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

[ Guide ] Blue Archive Tier List: Making Judgment Calls

The Blue Archive tier list is a ranking system for the cards in the Blue Archive trading card game. The tier list is used by players to determine the relative strength and value of different cards.

Typically, a tier list is created by experienced players who have extensive knowledge of the game mechanics and the cards available. The tier list is meant to serve as a general guideline and is not set in stone, as individual playstyle and deckbuilding can greatly impact the performance of any given card.

The Blue Archive tier list is typically divided into several tiers

Each of these represents a different level of strength. The highest tier is often referred to as the “S-tier” and includes the most powerful and versatile cards in the game. The next tier is “A-tier,” followed by “B-tier,” “C-tier,” and so on, down to the lowest tier, which is usually referred to as “F-tier.”

Blue Archive Tier List – STRIKER

S HOSHINO (SWIMSUIT) Supporter Can get up to a 1.5x damage multiplier, and speed up cost recovery, and sub-tank capabilities. Damage will still come from a DPS-oriented unit.
CHERINO DPS Powerful and focused target. Large spread attack comes at a high skill cost.
IORI DPS Generally strong at all levels, even if she doesn’t START there.
TSUBAKI Tank Get her her T4 equipment and 3-star for even more durability.
A ATSUKO Tank Has healing for allies around herself. Provides evasion to allies, herself also being more of a dodge tank.
MUTSUKI (NEW YEAR) DPS Low-cost skills, buffs herself when EX skills hit enemies.
IORI (SWIMSUIT) DPS High single-target damage. Lacking in range.
ASUZA (SWIMSUIT) DPS High power Mystic attack, brings defense debuff.
KOHARU Healer A frontline healer, low-cost skill.
ASUZA DPS Especially tailored as a boss killer with high firepower and defense debuff.
AKANE Supporter Brings great defense debuff against Total Assault bosses.
ARU DPS Basically go pew, if a little fragile.
SHIROKO DPS Low cost, no frills skills. As the game matures, she’s somewhat dropped off besides in Total Assault.
SHUN DPS One of the “better” characters in PVP. Low-cost skills, increase skill gauge at the start of the battle.
HARUNA DPS High power Mystic attack, notable to counter Tsubaki in PVP as well.
HOSHINO Tank Offers high durability once geared up.
MUTSUKI DPS High firepower, peak potential held back by random placement of mines.
YUUKA Tank All-purpose tank. Lower defenses can’t be compensated with equipment.
B SHIGURE DPS Area attack and continuous damage in a line and can also buff ally attack. Normal attacks lack DPS unless her subskill gets upgraded.
YUUKA (SPORTS FES) Tank EX skill can relocate and grant shield. Having attack speed and Mystic attack type can generate high firepower for a tank. High evasion and defense thanks to equipment.
HASUMI (SPORTS FES) DPS Can ramp up firepower by increasing her skill cost, which can also be a weakness.
HIBIKI (CHEER) DPS High firepower with a wide range and continuous barrage. Weaknesses include high EX cost and low attack speed.
NOA Supporter Can provide focused fire and defense debuff, and can extend debuff duration. A bit too support-focused, not an “active” attacker.
KOKONA Healer Low-cost recovery skills can lower skill costs for allies. However, the activation requirement for lowering skill cost is somewhat steep at 100 hits.
KAZUSA DPS Good Urban terrain attacker requires high investment.
SAORI DPS Good skills, but needs to be built around.
IZUNA (SWIMSUIT) DPS Pretty simple kit that leans to single-target / boss-focused use.
NONOMI (SWIMSUIT) DPS Has support capabilities in raising ally attack speed, high damage multiplier but reload time may be finicky.
MARINA TANK Skills make her a dodge tank. Can make herself “immortal”, and can see good use in PVP.
UI Supporter Useful across a variety of game modes due to her cost-reducing EX skill (maximum 2 times).
WAKAMO DPS High damage for Total Assault. A Tsubaki killer in PVP.
ARU (NEW YEAR) DPS Best in swarms reduces CD after defeating a number of enemies.
NATSU Tank Self-heal and can clear Peperodzilla’s debuff.
ASUNA (BUNNY) Supporter Brings defense debuff on AOE damage.
NERU (BUNNY) Tank Has to taunt, and can change position. Low HP.
IZUMI (SWIMSUIT) Supporter Best in stages where stuns can work.
HINA (SWIMSUIT) DPS Unlike her regular version, has low-cost attack skills and continues to buff herself on EX skill use.
SHIROKO (CYCLING) DPS Mystic attacker, great against multiple enemies.
TSURUGI (SWIMSUIT) DPS Can be both a tank and an attacker.
ARIS DPS A mystic attacker who takes time to ramp up.
MOMOI DPS Can buff self, with strong skill. Synergizes with her sister, Midori.
MIDORI DPS Has healed, AOE damage. Synergy with sister Momoi.
IZUNA DPS A mystic attacker with high damage potential. Somewhat low durability outside of dodging.
AKARI DPS If you need to counter light equipment enemies, bring her. Skills focus on her DPS.
EIMI Tank High durability with self heal. T4 equipment will only further improve defenses.
JUNKO DPS Firepower goes up as HP goes down, with one-time immortality.
SERIKA DPS Self-buff for more damage, stronger at 3-stars.
CHISE DPS Mystic attacker brings AOE damage.
NONOMI DPS Great in Base Defense commissions with her attack spread.
HARUKA Tank Best with T4 equipment.
HINA DPS PVP use lets her snipe the back. Powerful, but costly skill.
HIFUMI Supporter Very useful across all modes and can pull aggro with skill.
MAKI DPS Brings powerful debuff.
SERINA (CHRISTMAS) Supporter Can increase critical rate, buff multiple allies, and also has a unique buff. It’s hard to actually get stacks of her unique buff though.
C MARIE (SPORTS FES) Healer High healing potential, but EX doesn’t heal herself. Heal doesn’t reposition allies so they might not get healed anyway.
UTAHA (CHEER) DPS Can provide continuous firepower with a long self-buff, but firepower is dependent essentially solely on her own skills activating. While her evasion is high, it’s not enough for a Frontline unit.
CHISE (SWIMSUIT) Supporter AOE damage, damage over time. Damage multiplier increases on stunned enemies (EX).
WAKAMO (SWIMSUIT) DPS Can stun a single enemy. Makes herself squishier in exchange for damage. Damage multiplier on low HP enemies.
MISAKI DPS AOE damage, a relatively low damage multiplier.
TSUKUYO Tank Self-sustain is reliant on getting damaged multiple times.
MICHIRU DPS Powerful single-target EX damage skill. Increases critical rate with more Hyakkiyako members.
MIYAKO Tank Provides stun. Highly survivable.
HINATA DPS Wide a range attack, though base power isn’t that high.
MIMORI Supporter Relocates allies increase their attack speed. High evasion contributes to survival.
TOMOE Supporter For increasing ally movement speed.
FUBUKI Attacker Firepower increases when allies use EX skills. Has stunned.
CHINATSU (HOT SPRING) Supporter Can buff the ATK SPD of allies, but her own attack is low.
KARIN (BUNNY) DPS Has defense ignoring damage, but high skill cost.
SHUN (SMALL) DPS High defense ignoring damage, tailored to Total Assault, considered more for “advanced players” due to buff timing.
YUZU DPS Can see use in PVP due to being able to attack the backline.
ASUNA DPS Would prefer a 3-star upgrade for more firepower.
IZUMI DPS Skills considered somewhat anti-synergistic. Still, maybe a self-sustaining DPS could be useful.
KAYOKO Supporter More to the PVE environment, with her crowd control. Somewhat costly skill.
KOTORI Supporter Provides cover for allies.
SUZUMI Supporter No frills skills, and that’s about it.
SUMIRE DPS Gets better with better gear.
TSURUGI DPS Can bring high firepower, and gets more AOE capabilities thanks to EX skill. Best for when there’s lots of small fries.
NERU DPS Best against single targets.
HASUMI DPS EX skill is single target damage.
PINA DPS Can fire off rapid consecutive shots.
D MIYU Supporter EX skill that does damage over time is considered piercing damage.
KIRINO Supporter Provides a lot of evasion buffs, but she herself doesn’t bring much firepower.

Blue Archive Tier List – SPECIAL

S HIMARI Supporter Can speed up cost recovery simply by being at the party. Her attack buff duration is a little short but can be slightly improved with her unique weapon.
IROHA Tactical Support Can call in a 6-cost tank with upgrades.
AKO Supporter Buffet of buffs.
SERINA Healer Cheap and relatively frequent healing.
HIBIKI DPS Handles swarms or single targets equally well.
A NODOKA (HOT SPRING) Healer Multi-proc heal is considered valuable, along with her ally buff.
KOTAMA Supporter Buffs are considered mandatory for DPS races.
HANAE Healer Regeneration over burst heals.
B AKANE (BUNNY) DPS Can buff ally attack simply by being in the party? Deploys a mine deploying AOE Mystic damage on EX. Has even more attack buffs, but is limited to Mystic attackers only.
MOE DPS Easy damage, buffs party attack just by being in the party. Competes directly with Saki.
SHIZUKO (SWIMSUIT) Supporter Can reposition allies and grants them a shield.
AYANE (SWIMSUIT) Tactical Support Brings team buffs, and has defense-ignoring attacks.
HIYORI Supporter Synergizes with her schoolmates has team buffs, and has defense reduction.
SAKI DPS Has a stun. Attack buff works similarly to Kotama’s and Karin’s.
SERIKA (NEW YEAR) Supporter The widespread attack is great against many enemies.
SAYA (CASUAL) DPS Great against many/stationary enemies. Also a great team buff.
MASHIRO (SWIMSUIT) DPS Best suited for PVP modes as a tank counter (e.g. Tsubaki)
CHINATSU Healer Great single-target recovery. Can buff ally defense at 3-stars.
KARIN DPS High damage single target skill, buffs ally ATK.
HANAE (CHRISTMAS) Healer Has regeneration like her original version up to 60 seconds, but has lower numbers; as such, won’t work well in situations of burst damage. Does buff crit rate when in the party?
C KAEDE Supporter Can provide shields. Low utility until there is content that requires high durability.
SENA Tactical Support Brings good buffs, but can be hard to use depending on the stage.
CHIHIRO DPS Stun only affects heavy armor enemies. Almost wholly tailored to HOD.
CHERINO (HOT SPRING) Supporter Tactical support by summoning in a tank, also powerful ally buff.
HATSUNE MIKU Supporter Provides area healing, but is considered inferior to more specialized characters.
MARIE Supporter Skill cleanses Peperodzilla’s debuff.
HANAKO Healer Can set up a continuous healing area, but may prove a hassle if you need to keep moving.
NODOKA Supporter Increases ally accuracy and decreases enemy evasion. Manual control is probably preferred.
SHIZUKO Supporter Increases accuracy while protecting allies with a shield. The shield is currently not seen as useful.
MASHIRO DPS Raises the accuracy of allies to counter evasion-based defenses.
AIRI Supporter Best utilized in Bounty missions thanks to her debuffs. 3-star recommended for use in Total Assault.
AYANE Healer Area healing on some delay can miss repositioning characters.
UTAHA DPS The turret can draw aggro. Also regularly summons turrets.
SAYA DPS High skill cost, but also high damage over time potential. Manual control is recommended.
SHIMIKO Supporter Can summon cover and shield allies. The shield is currently not seen as useful.
HARE Supporter Stuns and buffs ally evasion rate.
FUUKA Healer Relatively easy to upgrade, healing helps reposition characters.
YOSHIMI DPS Stuns are considered valuable.
D HIFUMI (SUMMER) Supporter Can provide high firepower, but 10 cost is really steep.
JURI Supporter Draws aggro and damages an enemy with EX skill.

It’s important to note that the Blue Archive tier list is constantly changing as new cards are released and the metagame shifts. As such, players should always keep an eye on the tier list and be willing to adjust their decks accordingly.


The Blue Archive tier list is just one tool that players can use to make informed decisions about their card choices. The most important factor in any card game is a player’s skill, so even a lower-tier card can perform well in the hands of a skilled player.


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