• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

How Much Vitamin C Is Too Much?

How Many Vitamin C Too Much?

Although most people get enough vitamin C through food sources, it is important to know how much is too much. Depending on the circumstances, a healthy adult can consume between 65 mg and 90 mg of vitamin C daily. However, you can also take vitamin C supplements that have a much higher concentration. While these can have side effects, you are unlikely to exceed the 2,000-milligram maximum daily intake.

If you Suspect you Have Taken too much Vitamin C

It’s a good idea to consult a doctor. Your doctor can order tests and prescribe medication if necessary. Overdose of vitamin C can cause serious side effects, such as abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and even heart arrhythmias. Also, excessive amounts of vitamin C may contribute to the development of kidney stones. This is because excess Vitamin C excretes as oxalate, a mineral that binds with other substances.

Your Guide to Vitamin C: Everything You Need to Know | Everyday Health

However, vitamin C toxicity is not common. The human body can’t produce it and must obtain it from food sources. While it is rare to develop a vitamin C deficiency, some people take supplements for their purported health benefits. In this case, it’s best to pay attention to the recommended dose and take it slowly.

Fortunately, it’s rare to develop scurvy in developed countries. Studies have suggested that 10 mg of vitamin C a day can prevent scurvy. But, there have also been reports of it happening in children and elderly people on a restricted diet.


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