• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

How Signs Someone Likes You

There are a few different ways to tell if someone likes you. Some people are more interested in you when they make an effort to be around you. Others will become more extroverted around you, or they will start mirroring your actions. In general, these are easy to spot when they’re first getting to know you.

Mirroring is a Sign That Someone Likes You

Mirroring is a common behavior that happens more often than you might think. We all mirror others, and if your guy has been mirroring you, it’s likely that he likes you and wants to build a relationship with you. The following are some ways to tell if your guy is attracted to you.

First, notice their body language. They may lean into you. They may also make eye contact. If you’re leaning in, you’re mirroring them. These subtle body positions and movements are a good indicator that someone likes you.

10 Signs That Someone Likes You (Even if They Don't Say It)

Their Feet Will be Pointed in your Direction

You can detect whether someone likes you by observing their feet. When they are pointing toward you, the person likes you. If they point their feet away from you, they may not be interested in talking with you. They might be too tired to talk to you and they might need to use the washroom. Observe their feet in different situations and see which one points toward you.

When someone likes you, their feet will always point in your direction. It may also indicate their interest in approaching you. If they point their feet in other directions, you may have something important to discuss. If you aren’t sure, offer to follow up via email or schedule another time to talk.

They’ll Be More Extroverted Around You

Extroverts enjoy interacting with other people. They tend to talk a lot and don’t shy away from expressing their opinions. They also don’t think about what they’re going to say before they say it, rather, they just blurt out whatever comes to their minds. While this may sound like an intrusive habit, extroverts don’t like to play mind games and aren’t likely to feel bad about talking to strangers.

If you’re shy or insecure, learning how to be more outgoing around others will help you become more social yourself. Start by watching outgoing people. Notice how they approach strangers, whether they’re smiling or not. Extroverts often smile right away, putting other people at ease.

They’ll Speak More

One of the first signs that someone likes you is their desire to get closer to you. The way they behave will change slightly and they will speak more often. They may even try to move away from other people to get closer to you. This is a sign of genuine chemistry.

They’ll Lean Toward You

When you’re flirting with someone, you mimic their body posture, vocal volume, and language. This way, you enter the intimate zone or about 0 to 18 inches away from the person’s face. Leaning also gives off a signal that indicates partnership, agreeability, or camaraderie. If a person seems to be leaning toward you, they may also touch you with their hands or arms.

They’ll Compliment Other Things About You

When someone likes you, they’ll say nice things about your personality, appearance, or other aspects of your life. They may also ask you questions to learn more about you, or they may remember details from your last meeting. They may even change the energy level that they have when talking to other people. When someone likes you, they’ll also compliment other things about you, such as your sense of humor.

While you may be tempted to accept a compliment as a sign of goodwill, it’s important to realize that not all compliments are good for your relationship. Some people are naturally critical and don’t think compliments are very nice. They might feel uncomfortable or wonder if the person who’s complimenting you has a poor judgment or is faking it to impress you.


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