• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

How To Remotely Hack Someone’s Phone Without Touching It!

Did you realize that your phone might be hacked without your knowledge? Did you know that a hacker doesn’t even have to touch your device to obtain your personal information? According to TechCrunch, severe security breaches do occur, and any susceptible device is subject to hacking. Fortunately, Clario’s comprehensive security software helps safeguard your phone from criminal operators while also keeping your personal information secure.

Customers exploit the internet to defraud people and steal their money, and dishonest workers leak important information to competitors, which has had disastrous effects on the firm. To some extent, ethical hacking has shown to be a successful solution to these difficulties. 

So, here are several methods for breaking into someone’s mobile phone:

How Do You Hack A Phone?

A smartphone is a smart gadget that has several security measures such as face unlock, fingerprint scanning, pins, passwords, and so on. These mobile phones have enabled people to access social media profiles and make online payments in a matter of minutes.

Hacking a Smart Phone Using Email

There are other techniques for hacking a smartphone via email, however, we will just examine phishing.

Hacking a phone by phishing is not a simple process; to be successful, you must have some hacking skills, since this is nearly impossible to carry out by a rookie, thus we propose you use an employee spy tool to hack any phone of your choosing.

How to Gain Access to Someone’s Phone Without Their Knowledge

Concrete hacking expertise is necessary to accomplish this technique of hacking. To hack a phone using this approach, one must obtain the passwords, which are often not kept in text format but in the hash format and are typically not saved in the same storage location depending on the operating system. Where it is saved on Linux differs from where it is saved on Windows, and so on.

1. Spyic Solution

The Spyic monitoring solution is one of the greatest applications for hacking a range of phones. Millions of people in over 190 countries have already utilized it to hack their intended interests.

It has also received notice from some of the most well-known news publications. Tech Radar, PC World, CNET, and Forbes are among them. The reason for its appeal is the way it operates to achieve remote hacking.

With Spyic, you may obtain all of the information you want from the target without their awareness. Spyic runs in stealth mode, so your victim is never aware of your hacking intentions.

With Spyic, you may obtain all of the information you want from the target without their awareness. Spyic runs in stealth mode, so your victim is never aware of your hacking intentions.

You may see the collected data, which includes calls, texts, social media updates, location, and more. 

2. Cocospy Solution

The Cocospy surveillance solution is another dependable tool on which millions of users have relied. You may use Cocospy to steal any valuable information from the targeted phone without notifying the user.

Another advantage of using Cocospy is that you may obtain hacking results remotely. It is an app that may expose calls made or received, messages sent and received, social media activity, and more. It may also be used to remotely track the target’s whereabouts.

Cocospy, like Spyic, operates on both Android and iOS smartphones without the need for root or jailbreak. When requesting data for you, it also functions while concealed. These are the characteristics that ensure its dependability, security, and discretion during the hacking expedition.

In Android, you must first install it on the targeted phone before you can access it remotely. To begin and continue hacking the iPhone/iPad with iOS, you simply need iCloud credentials. After you set it up, you may examine the hacking results remotely using your created account.

The account will house Cocospy’s online dashboard, which is compatible with all browsers. You only need to log in to your Cocospy’s web portal to check on the updates.

3. AndroRAT

AndroRAT is an abbreviation for Android RAT (Remote Administrative Tools). It’s a free hacking program that has been available for a while. It was initially released as a client/server application.

Having said that, AndroRAT enables you to remotely control an Android smartphone and retrieve the information you want. It will operate as a service after the boot process when used. That implies there is less engagement when it is first started.

When hacking, you might start the process by sending an SMS or making a phone call to a server. Following the server interaction, you may utilize features to retrieve data from the targeted Android. 

They include, among other things, obtaining the call history, location, contacts, and messages. It can also allow you to remotely check the condition of your Android device, make phone calls, send messages, and so on.


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