• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

I’ve Always Wanted To Use That Spell

Here’s what I have to say…

This is my favorite line of Minerva McGonagall ever!!!!

Absolutely this line of Minerva McGonagall did the best job in making things special. However, I love to watch this part, as it is very special and entertaining. A great job is done by the team, by the way!

Professor Minerva McGonagall: I’ve always wanted to use that spell

@HarryPotter @mcgonagallbot

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Scene Dialogue: I’ve Always Wanted To Use That Spell

Viewer comments on this Dialogue:

1. Professor McGonagall is the most amazing person. I love her to no end.

2. Professor McGonagall is my #1 fav. She’s calm, strict, and badass – but she’s nothing short of an awesome mother to her students.

3. Molly’s face was like, “Damn! Where can I get that?” Love it!

5. This scene gave me chills… Especially her speech to the statues… And then her excitement at the end.. xD Beautiful.

6. This scene has the power to make me cry even without the rest of the film… thanks! :'(

7. !! she uses the word ‘Always’ Ahh! Life ::heart:

8. I remember my first time watching this. I was scared that molly was going to die, and then professor McGonagall made every a little bit funny with “I have always wanted to use that spell.”

9. Oh Professor Mcgonagall, even when you live to be a hundred, you are hilarious at random times

10. One of the best lines indeed. Listening to Maggie Smith gush like a giddy, awestruck schoolgirl for just that moment made it happen! 😆

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