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Kickass Torrents – Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives 2022 (100% Working)


Whether you support the anti-piracy movement or the “free movies for everyone” movement makes no difference. Yes, torrent sites enable illicit file sharing, but there are also legal torrent sites where you may access lawful copyright-free content.

The Pirate Bay was once the world’s most popular torrent site, but a series of legal challenges have reduced it to a ghost of its former glory.

 Although copycat sites, such as katcr. Co, have surfaced subsequently, these torrenting sites continue to pose risks to users in areas such as cybersecurity, data protection, and legality. Downloading copyrighted information is against the law in several countries. Even if you just want to download titles that have been released into the public domain, if you do not safeguard yourself when torrenting, you may violate your country’s laws.

Kickass is a prominent torrenting website that provides an extensive directory of torrent files and magnet links for P2P file-sharing using BitTorrent protocols.

 Many attempts were made to restore the site via mirror connections. However, its staff also took down its proxy servers.

Why Is a VPN Required for Kickass Torrents?


A VPN route your internet traffic through a VPN server that functions as a proxy, allowing you to disguise your location. Once joined, you may conceal your identity by changing your virtual location. Encryption is a critical component of a VPN; It protects your data and online activity from the ISP and its surveillance.

It is instrumental in stopping hackers from stealing your data while connected to an insecure public Wi-Fi network. A torrent VPN gives you the anonymity to download as much as you want.

What is the appeal of Kickass Torrents?

Before it was shut down, Kickass torrents were the finest site to get the newest movies, TV series, music, software, and more. Many additional torrent websites have emerged from their beginning till their demise. And while torrenting is illegal in many places, if you’re looking for the Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives and how to use them safely, you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

We made this guide to provide the most acceptable kickass torrents alternatives so that you can continue downloading and posting your favorite stuff as before.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a torrenting behemoth, with tens of millions of visits every month, the same number of files in its collection, high download rates, and an easy-to-use interface.


The site also stands out for its security features: they have a passionate community eager to notify you anytime a torrent appears unsafe. Furthermore, the service includes graphic flags that indicate if a torrent is safe or possibly hazardous.

The Pirate Bay is the torrenting world’s behemoth, and it’s a more than adequate substitute for Kickass Torrents. It’s probably much superior in many ways. 


RARBG has grown to become one of the most well-known torrenting websites. The site concentrates on high-quality video releases and offers a large number of content.


RARBG also provides a simple but effective approach to locating new files through its “Top 10” rankings in various categories.

Because of its popularity, the site has become one of the greatest sites on the internet. Alexa routinely places it in the top 350. To circumvent your country’s restrictions, use a VPN to disguise your virtual location and unblock the Pirate Bay.


1337X isn’t as large as The Pirate Bay or RARBG. Despite this, it receives over 50 million visits each month, mostly concentrating on movies, TV series, and music.

Many people choose 1337X for this type of amusement, mainly because the site allows you to search by award nomination. Furthermore, there are no intrusive adverts on the site, and the download speed is roughly 3-4 MB/s.

One negative is that the 1337X library is significantly smaller, which will undoubtedly dissatisfy players. Nonetheless, 1337X is a dependable torrenting option.


YTS is popular among users who have low bandwidth. This is because it compresses its torrents, allowing you to watch HD material without exhausting your internet.

This site is only for movies; if you want to pirate games, TV shows, or music, check out one of our other suggestions. Our crew does not support illegal torrenting; therefore, please verify the laws in your country before downloading anything from YTS.


Zooqle is a relatively new app, but it has quickly grown in popularity among gamers. It also has movie and television programs, making it an excellent all-arounder.

If you wish to test this site, use a good VPN to keep your devices secure from infection and verify your country’s torrenting laws and restrictions before downloading any files.


Music fans should check out the stuff on ExtraTorrents. The metasearch engine integrates the results of hundreds of search engines to provide you with a comprehensive list of files.


Torrentz, of course, has been around for more than a decade. It was the second most popular torrent site on the internet in 2012 and 2015 before being shut down. 

Today, this Pirate Bay competitor is low-key and focuses on audio files. Torrentz2 is also available as an onion site via the Tor network for enhanced protection.


If you enjoy simplicity, you should check out Seedpeer. Though surfing the site might be difficult due to the lack of buttons, it does provide a helpful summary of all recent uploads, making searching for new torrents a breeze.


A private service is a way to go if you often download torrents. Torrents on private sites often have more seeders, download faster, and are available for a more extended period.

The disadvantage of these services is that they are in great demand, and they have stringent restrictions on the total number of people who may have an account at any given moment. As a result, you must keep an eye on the sign-up page to take advantage of any openings.


Popular torrent websites for Russian consumers include Yify torrents, The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, 1337x, and SevenTorrents, as well as RuTracker.

10 Best Pirate Bay Proxy Sites for 2022

  1. https://thepiratesbay.com/
  2. https://thepirate-bay.org/
  3. https://thepiratbays.org/
  4. https://www.pirate-bay.net/
  5. https://thepiratebay.rip/
  6. https://thepiratebay.app/
  7. https://pirate-bay.info/
  8. https://piratebay-mirrors.com/
  9. https://piratebay-tracker.com/
  10. https://thehiddenbay.com/

5 Best Pirate Bay Proxy Sites for 2022

  1. https://rarbgget.org/
  2. https://proxyrarbg.org/
  3. https://rarbg.unblockninja.com/
  4. https://rarbgaccess.org/
  5. https://rarbgget.org/

5 Best Extratorrent Proxy Sites for 2022

  1. https://extratorrents.ch/
  2. https://extratorrentsnew.xyz/
  3. https://extratorrent2.unblockninja.com/
  4. https://extratorrents.it/home
  5. https://extratorrents.it/

11 Best 1337x Proxy Sites for 2022

  1. https://1337x.to/
  2. https://x1337x.eu/
  3. https://1337x.st/
  4. https://x1337x.se/
  5. https://x1337x.ws/
  6. https://1337x.unblockit.uno/
  7. https://x1337x.se/
  8. https://1337x.unblockninja.com/

11 Best Kickass Proxy Sites for 2022

  1. https://katcr.to/
  2. https://kickasstorrents.to/
  3. https://proxyindex.net/
  4. https://kickasstorrent.cr/
  5. https://thekat.info/
  6. https://kat.li/
  7. https://kat.lat/
  8. https://kickass.unblockit.ca/
  9. https://kat.am/
  10. https://kickass1.to/
  11. https://kat.rip/

YTS Proxy Sites List 2022 (100% Working)

  1. https://yts.mx/
  2. https://yts.pm/
  3. https://yts.vc/
  4. https://yts.unblockit.top/
  5. https://yts.unblockit.buzz/
  6. https://yts.ai/
  7. https://yts.unblockit.top/
  8. https://ytss.unblocked.to/

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