LinkedIn Video Production Engaging Your Professional Network
  • Matthew Daniel
  • April 28, 2023

LinkedIn Video Production: Engaging Your Professional Network

Most marketers think of YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram when discussing video, but LinkedIn video production has a significant potential for organic reach. Most LinkedIn users aren’t producing content at all, and for the small portion who are, their posts typically consist of text, graphics, or links rather than videos.

If you start consistently posting video content on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and reach your audience. Here, we’ll explore the different kinds of video content for LinkedIn: 

Types of LinkedIn video

There are three main categories of LinkedIn videos.

  • Embedded

Uploading to a video-hosting website like YouTube or Vimeo and then sharing the link on LinkedIn is still widespread among many brands. This works, but for various reasons, LinkedIn native videos frequently prove to be a more fruitful tactic.

  • Native

Native video refers to media produced or uploaded directly to LinkedIn. LinkedIn native video automatically plays in-Feed instead of embedded videos, increasing the likelihood that viewers will notice it and continue watching. 

Metrics demonstrate that Facebook native videos receive ten times more shares than embedded videos, and it is likely that LinkedIn native videos also benefit from this increase.

  • Video Ads

Videos sponsored by businesses are known as LinkedIn video ads. Campaigns using video advertising typically reach a larger, more specific audience, potentially increasing brand awareness, brand consideration, and lead generation. 

LinkedIn video ads can last up to 30 minutes, unlike LinkedIn native video, which has a 10-minute maximum runtime. Most videos, however, will be significantly shorter than this. 

Best LinkedIn Video Uses

You can publish a variety of video formats on LinkedIn, and each comes with its own unique advantages. Here are some use cases for creating video content on the platform: 

Narrating a story 

People are naturally curious, and they have a constant curiosity about the people they are connecting with on social media. You can use video to capture the attention of your audience on a platform like LinkedIn, which is designed for building relationships.

To accomplish this, share a video and post it to your Feed. For example, it might include a brief business history or the story behind your brand’s name. Like a standard status update, include some text to draw attention, but make sure it is relevant to the video. 

In LinkedIn’s algorithm, video increases the likelihood that your post will appear at the top of someone’s Feed. Sharing your story also makes you and your brand more relatable, strengthening connections and increasing brand awareness.

Advertising your Goods

Like any other marketing initiative, your LinkedIn video strategy’s primary goal is to raise your company’s bottom line. 

To make this happen, you can advertise your products using a LinkedIn video. You can share product tutorials, demonstrations, respond to frequently asked questions, or reveal information about a forthcoming launch. Allow people to watch a video about your products or services so they can become genuinely excited about it.

Video Blogging

In addition to being excellent for business promotion, LinkedIn is also used by people who want to strengthen their brands. People want to be recognized as thought leaders in their field so that when their audience members are looking to hire someone to help them with a problem, they come to them first.

By using LinkedIn as a platform for vlogging (video blogging), you can achieve your goal of developing your brand. Whether you share the details about your business or a day in the life of your CEO, you can create interesting or relatable content that your audience can connect with and enjoy. 

Tips For The Most Effective Linkedin Video Production

Linkedin video is a powerful force to be reckoned with. But how can you optimize it for your brand or business? 

Prepare for mobile viewing

According to a study by LinkedIn, over 90% of members watch videos on mobile devices at least occasionally. Additionally, mobile devices account for over half of all LinkedIn content engagement.  Therefore, if your video is made to provide a satisfying viewing experience on the phone, your chances of engagement increase significantly. 

If your video doesn’t need to be in full landscape format, think about shooting it in vertical mode instead, as this will prevent your audience from having to twist their phones to view it.

Create an External Link to your Video

Attracting as many viewers as possible to your content is your aim when using video marketing. But, of course, you’ll need to advertise your most recent video release. 

Linking to your LinkedIn video from another platform will draw more viewers. Treat the video as an island of content and link to it whenever you post anything related.

Utilizing the Publisher tool, you can also create a post about your video (or, even better, a transcript) and publish it as an article. Make sure to include a link to the video in your post and promote it on other social media sites, too. 

Ensure Professionalism

Posting low-quality videos with bad editing should be avoided. Instead, consider enlisting the help of a video marketing specialist to produce your video content if you want to give your brand a more credible appearance on such a powerful social platform. 

Experts can create a lighting setup that presents your company in the best possible way. Additionally, they will be familiar with the tried-and-true methods for effectively communicating your message due to their background in the field and their areas of expertise. 


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