Mobile phone battery swelling is a sign of imminent danger

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In modern times, there are very few people who do not use the phone. Most people are just using a smartphone or a feature phone. Smartphones have become the biggest need of this new age. This is an electric device that can be seen in the hands of everyone, but with this the number of discrepancies from smartphones or phones is also increasing. There have been frequent reports of serious injuries to the user in the event of a smartphone blast. This type of phenomenon is mostly seen during the use of old smartphones, but from now on this problem is also occurring in new smartphones. The amount is very low.

Using an old smartphone can often be a lifelong lesson for its users. Older phones are more likely to have a smartphone blast. The problem of battery bloating is also frequently seen in such phones. Which is a dangerous sign. No one knows when the battery of a swollen phone will explode. But there are many examples in the past where a battery of a blasted phone can seriously injure the user. People using old phones need to take special care to prevent such accidents.

When a smartphone or a feature phone gets old, its battery life also gets shorter. It is filled with more gas. This can cause them to swell and explode over time. The question now is how the gas is produced in the battery.

The battery has two sides. It has an anode on one side called the positive side and a cathode on the other side which is called the negative side. The current passes through it when the user puts the phone to charge. This causes a chemical reaction on both sides of the battery.

When a chemical reaction takes place in a battery, it starts producing gas. If this gas goes out of the battery, the battery does not swell, but if the gas does not come out, the battery starts to swell. There are several different types of materials inside each battery. When the current passes, there is a reaction between these materials. If the material in the battery is covered, the reactive gas produced cannot escape and the battery begins to swell.

This condition is more common in older phones. If users have a phone with a removable battery and need to replace it, always insist that the company’s battery must be installed. This is because the materials used in local batteries are of low quality. This causes the phone’s battery to swell quickly and sometimes even explode.