Phoenix Suns 2022-23 NBA Season Highlights
  • Matthew Daniel
  • May 24, 2023

Phoenix Suns 2022-23 NBA Season Highlights

The 2022-23 NBA Playoffs are well underway, we have already had plenty of cheers and plenty of tears, but as we creep ever closer to the Championship Series today I’m wanting to take a look back over our shoulders. While there are four teams who still have hopes and dreams of being crowned the kings of the court for this season, the rest of the league are starting their summer vacation before they go back to the drawing board to figure out where things went wrong.

The Phoenix Suns are one of those teams who are hitting the beaches right now. The Suns made it to the Western Conference Semifinals, beating the Los Angeles Clippers 4-1 to make it there before they lost 4-2 against the Denver Nuggets. But we aren’t trying to dwell on the disappointment of the Semifinal loss. No, today we’re going to be looking back on some of the highlights of the 2022-23 season for the Suns, and there were many to look over!

So before we even start, I want to make a statement about this Suns roster. They finished the season 45-37, earning them a 4th-place finish in the Western Conference and the 9th-best record in the entire league. They averaged 113 points per game and seemed to be having an incredible amount of fun doing it. Specifically, Devin Booker and Kevin Durant were really enjoying themselves this season, with averages of 27.8 and 26 points per game, respectively. At 26 years old there is still a lot to come from Brooker, he is already a 3x All-Star and it’s safe to say he will be claiming more of those in his career, averaging over 25 points per game for the last 5 seasons, we’ll be including some of his plays in our list but you could arguably make a full list of highlights from just Booker!

It’s fair to say that Devin Booker has been one of the greatest Suns players in recent history. But will he get his hands on a championship with them?Source: Reuters
It’s fair to say that Devin Booker has been one of the greatest Suns players in recent history. But will he get his hands on a championship with them? Source: Reuters

Since we’ve just been talking about Booker, the best place to start would be with one of Booker’s best plays of the season, in my opinion. In the third meeting between these two teams this season, he starts the playoff by playing it into the D before he makes a run round the outside before charging his way to the hoop and finishes it off with a reverse lay up. You know what, roll the clip.

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Next up is another from Booker, but this time it’s from the playoffs. Specifically game 4 against the Nuggets. It’s deep into the third, and the Suns hold a 3-point lead at 95-92. Booker is standing on the halfway line just eyeing up the Nuggets, slowly dribbling the ball forward before he drops it from distance for a perfect 3-pointer over 2 defenders.

Time for a highlight that isn’t from Booker, this time, Kevin Durant, it had to be him didn’t it? Game 3 of the playoff series against the Clippers. The Suns had a 77-66 lead, Chris Paul gets a steal deep in the Suns half before he has a leisurely stroll into Clipper territory before playing the ball into Durant outside the D. Durant charges to the net before dunking over Mason Plumlee.

While it’s true the Suns season is over, the show must go on without them. We Are currently two games into the Conference Finals best of 7s. The western conference final features the team that beat the Suns, the Denver Nuggets who currently hold a 2-0 lead over the Los Angeles Lakers. The Eastern Conference final features the Miami Heat who are holding the reins with a 2-0 lead over the Boston Celtics, but is this all she wrote? Do the experts see these two series ending this way? There’s only one way to be sure, it’s time to see what the experts think!

We’ll be checking out all of the biggest sportsbooks in the states to find the best odds for the upcoming games and with plenty of Sportsbook promos available in Arizona, now is as good a time as any to get in on the action! First up, we’ve got the Nuggets who travel to the Crypto.Com Arena in Los Angeles for the next game in their series. For the money line here, it’s an interesting one as most places have been making the Nuggets out to be the favorites, but for this one since it is in LA, the Nuggets are +145 which returns $12.25 from $5, for the Lakers you can get them in the region of -165 which returns $8.03 from the same stake.

Next we have the Miami Heat who are 2-0 up on the Boston Celtics and host the Celtics at the FTX Arena in the third game. Interestingly the home-court advantage means nothing here to most sportsbooks as they all continue to make the Celtics the favorite in this series. You can get the Heat at +145 and the Celtics at -165, giving you the same returns as above. When it comes to the outright winner of the Championship it gets kind of interesting. Because the Lakers are favorite for the next game but are the least favorite to lift the trophy. At +2800 they return $145, the Heat are +425 returning $26.25 the Celtics are +300 returning $20 and the Nuggets are -150 returning $8.33, all from a stake of $5.

Nuggets v Suns
Though the Suns 2023 season ended in heartbreak, it’s worth noting there have been a LOT of positives to take into the new season. Source: NJ

While we could’ve talked for days about the highlights for the Suns from this season, we picked our favorites and by no means is this list concrete, so if you guys feel like we missed stuff out, that’s great! I’m sure we have missed some incredible moments but we only have so much time to talk. It’s bound to happen so if the fans would like to get in touch and let us know what your favorite moments of this season are then that would be fantastic.

My question for Suns fans now is, how do we feel about this season? This is the Suns third consecutive season in the playoffs after a stint that lasted 10 years without a single playoff game. Sure, they made it to the Finals in 20-21, but you can’t expect that every season, even the greatest teams of all time weren’t making it to the Final every season. For me, being able to boast consistent playoff basketball is fantastic and will help massively in giving the best players a reason to come to Phoenix.


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