• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

Playboi Carti’s Troubling Performance at Rolling Loud: A Warning Sign?

The recent Rolling Loud Festival in California saw Playboi Carti’s performance being cut short, forcing fans to leave. A fan by the name of Royal Carter even claimed that the rapper sounded “demonic,” with “actual demons” being present during his show.

The unsettling events that took place during the show included fans setting fires and leaping over barricades, causing many injuries. Some even claimed that someone died during the performance, which turned out to be false.

Several social media users reported hearing something that sounded like the “Miss the Rage” rapper had been possessed and was “screeching from the dark pits of hell.” Another viewer claimed to have left his show “praying to God” and nearly sobbing.

Does Playboi Carti Worship Satan?

Despite rumors and speculation that Playboi Carti is involved in Satanism, there is no concrete proof to support this claim. While some of his songs and music videos may contain references to gloomy themes or images, this is prevalent in many musical genres, including hip-hop. Furthermore, the pentagram tattoo that he has does not necessarily have any religious or spiritual meaning.

Playboi Carti has also been embroiled in a recent controversy involving allegations of being a “serial abuser.” According to reports, he was imprisoned last month for allegedly strangling his pregnant girlfriend. The lady claimed that he grabbed her by the throat and shoved her, gripping her neck until she couldn’t breathe.

These allegations have led to Iggy Azalea dubbing Playboi Carti as a “serial abuser.” It remains to be seen how these allegations will affect his career and reputation in the industry.


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