Q&A With Aaron Saunders, VP At Boston Dynamics, On Teaching Robots To Dance (Evan AckermanIEEE Spectrum)
  • Matthew Daniel
  • April 2, 2023

Q&A With Aaron Saunders, VP At Boston Dynamics, On Teaching Robots To Dance (Evan Ackerman/IEEE Spectrum)

Boston Dynamics recently posted a video of their robots, Atlas, Spot, and Handle, dancing to the song “Do You Love Me?” The video showcased the robots’ agility, coordination, and ability to perform complex movements. To learn more about this project and its implications for the commercial robotics industry, we spoke with Aaron Saunders, the Vice President at Boston Dynamics. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What was the inspiration behind teaching robots to dance?
A: Our goal was to showcase robots in an engaging manner that could potentially uncover new possibilities for robotics applications in our everyday lives. By teaching robots how to dance, we were able to observe how robots can learn complex movements that require both coordination and agility, revealing fresh perspectives on how we can use robots for commercial purposes.

Q: What methods did you use to teach Atlas, Spot, and Handle to dance?
A: Initially, we utilized simple programming techniques by creating repetitive patterns of movements and making adjustments through trial and error.

This approach enabled us to achieve more complicated movements rapidly, reducing the need for extensive team input.

Q: Can you describe how this technology can benefit the development of robotics for commercial applications?
A: The technology employed in our dancing robots has already been utilized in various fields, such as search and rescue operations that require agility for maneuvering difficult terrains, entertainment where intricate choreographies are necessary, manufacturing where precise and repeatable movements are essential, healthcare where remote manipulation is required, logistics where autonomous navigation is crucial, and many other domains.


Saunders’ insights demonstrate the potential for robotics innovation and its ability to revolutionize daily life. By showcasing the robots’ abilities in a fun and exciting way, Boston Dynamics is paving the way for the future of commercial robotics.


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