• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

Reasons Why Cousins Can Look Alike?

Cousins can have the best bond, just like best friends and they sometimes tend to do things together. But you have heard that sometimes cousins look alike. You can ask yourself why this thing happens, is it genetics? Or something else that gets determined while their mothers get pregnant.

The thought is confusing but it also has no concrete solution. Scientists have given the theory of genetics, which seems to be the probable answer. So, if you have a cousin who looks like you, even though you have nothing in common with her, you can check out the following explanation.


Genetics are a complex thing, it has about 22,000 genes, and they are in reality genetic commands. DNA consists of numerous information and letters from which only 10% is understood properly.

According to the experts, in the matter of similarities, when you think of can cousins look alike, it’s about the materials by which the blocks of tissues are made. When it’s inside a family the structure of proteins is the same.

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When a child is born into a family they receive the genetic material, which consists of the look of their parents, which can be 50% mother and the other part from the father. However, it never indicates that the child has to look directly like their parents. The child gets to be the copy of features from their parents, where proteins and other materials get mixed, and thus it creates the self version of it.

Look, Alike Cousins

So, how does it get explained why two cousins look alike where others in the family do not? Scientist says that every person has their own structure of genetic material. This is why sometimes brothers do not get the same features as their parents. Their dominant traits and this is the places where the particular features get enhanced when other members do not get affected by it. A cousin can look like their other cousin you cannot tell at the time when you are asked, when do you start showing first pregnancy?

It’s not that easy to describe. But the reason you might find out after childbirth if they look alike, and it happens because they have a larger similarity in their DNA. This is 12.5%. On the other hand, the rest of the family members’ structure can have different traits, which is why they also look different.

Traveling traits

There is another explanation, such as, if the ancestors traveled a lot, and lived in a place where they went for interbreeding with those people, who are genetically different, can have the chance of introducing several genetic traits. If you look at your family tree, you will get to see the variety of traits expanded there, and no matter how less all of the members still look the same from some points.

This thing can be seen when two white people have a darker-skinned baby or the opposite in the case of African parents. So, genetics is the main reason that your second cousin or the first looks like you and there’s nothing serious about it.


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