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  • March 20, 2023

Rythm Discord Bot – How To Add It + Commands (2023)

Rhythm is a popular Discord music bot that allows users to play music from popular streaming platforms such as YouTube, Soundcloud, and more directly in their Discord servers. Here’s how to add Rythm to your Discord server, along with a list of some of its most useful commands:

1. Adding Rythm: To add Rythm to your Discord server, go to the Rythm Bot website and click the “Add to Discord” button. This will open a new tab where you can select your Discord server and authorize the bot to join.

2. Commands: Here are some of the most useful Rythm commands:

    • ! play [song name or URL] This command will play a song in your Discord voice channel.
    • !pause: This command will pause the currently playing song.
    • !resume: This command will resume a paused song.
    • !skip: This command will skip the current song and move on to the next one in the queue.
    • !queue: This command will display the current song queue.
    • volume [1-100]: This command will adjust the volume of the music playback.
    • !lyrics [song name]: This command will display the lyrics for a specified song.

These are just a few of the many commands available for Rythm, and you can find more information about the bot’s commands and features on the Rythm Bot website. With Rythm, you can easily bring music to your Discord server and create a more lively and entertaining environment for your friends and community.


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