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  • March 20, 2023

Tarik Freitekh: How wealthy is The Businessman?

Tarik Freitekh is a filmmaker, producer, and business executive from the United States. Tarik is the proprietor of an international distribution firm situated in Dubai. He also has a video studio in Miami, Florida, and recording studios in Hollywood, California. However, he is also a co-founder of Starbuzz Entertainment and World Music Production.

Tarik Freitekh net worth:

Tarik Freitekh has a $300 million net worth as a businessman, director, and producer. Tarik Freitekh, a Jerusalem native, graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney with a degree in architecture and the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in digital cinematography. Freitekh is the creator and owner of several businesses, including a Dubai-based distribution firm and several recording facilities in the Los Angeles region.

Early Childhood of Tarik Freitekh:

Tarik Freitekh was born on October 5, 1987, in Jerusalem, Israel, but he hasn’t revealed anything about his childhood or parents. Tarik graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking. However, he also earned a Bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2007.

After meeting prominent musician Akon, Tarik began cooperating with various international singers. He became the Chief Executive Officer of World Music Production in 2014. Furthermore, he has directed and produced most of his productions under his record label, World Music.

Through his music firm, he combined the sounds and textures of western and eastern music. Indeed, he has developed a distinct mood by collaborating with worldwide musicians to produce varied music types.

Career And Awards Owned By Tarik Freitekh:

At the 2012 Los Angeles Festival of the Music Awards, Freitekh was named best director for his work on “Cherokee.” He is one of the co-founders of the Starbuzz Entertainment and World Music companies. Haifa Wehbe, Nayer, Snoop Dogg, Shaggy, R. Kelly, Tamer Hosney, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira are Freitekh’s collaborators.

Lifestyle Of Tarik Freitekh:

Freitekh splits his time between Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, Miami, Jordan, and Dubai. His most valuable possessions are his multi-million-dollar mansions, notably his seven-million-dollar house in the Hollywood Hills. Freitekh is well-known for his outstanding collection of exotic automobiles, which he maintains at his Hollywood Hills mansion. A Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, a Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series, a Ferrari Italia, and a Black Bentley are among his vehicles, all of which are 2012 models or newer.

Productions Net Worth Owned By Tarek’s Freitekh:

Freitekh Productions, his own production business, was launched in 2016. He has directed two feature films and one television film to this point. With the film “The Foreigner,” he made his directorial debut in 2012. The film was based on actual events and starred Justin Simpson.

Tarik formed Freitekh Studios in 2017 as a new business endeavor. He has served as the studios’ executive director for four years. Tarik also directed the song “Cherokee.” At the Los Angeles Festival of Music in 2012, he was won best director for the song. In December 2020, Tarik’s record company will release Haifa’s Wehbe’s LA event, featuring Tyrese, Neyo, Akon, Kelly Rowland, and Justin Bieber.


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