• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

Technology and the Future of Online Games: Reviewing the Shift

Online gambling is one of the most profitable industries in the world, which has undergone many innovations. Although gambling has been around for centuries, it has become a vast industry, which constantly evolves along with the digital infrastructure. Particularly, online gambling is the new frontier that has changed the way we bet and play strategy games in the recent decade.

In ancient times, gambling was done in various ways, including games of chance, lotteries, and betting on horses or chariots. Fast forward to today and new technologies are marking the growth of online gambling, which is expected to multiply in the coming years with the introduction of blockchain, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.

In distant future, blockchain could revolutionize the way gambling platforms interact with one another, hence transforming the entire iGaming ecosystem. However, this level of adoption may still be in its infancy. Currently, online casinos like Ignition allow users to access roulette, poker, and slot games through cryptocurrency deposits, as you can check here: https://www.ignitioncasino.eu/casino/slots.

How AI is changing the Gambling Scene

Artificial intelligence technology has been a valuable tool in the online gaming industry that has been widely successful in predicting each player’s probability of winning. They can do this by monitoring the behavioral patterns of each player and using this data to create scripts that predict different outcomes.

Online gambling is becoming increasingly common in the modern era, and many tools are being used to make decisions. For example, game bots, predictive analytics, and machine learning algorithms allow players to make informed decisions with a greater chance of winning.

Blockchain for Greater Security

Blockchain is a technology that enables cryptocurrency transactions and was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Then, it made it possible to transfer cryptocurrencies over the Internet without a centralized authority. Today, blockchain technology has been applied in various fields, and gambling is one of them.

With the increase in the number of users and the growing popularity of online gambling casinos, the technology that makes up blockchain could provide significant benefits to those who play on the sites and those who manage them. As a result, blockchain will undoubtedly revolutionize the online gambling industry.

Live Casino Games

Live dealer games are a new way to experience online gambling. They provide improved gaming performance, a realistic experience, and human interaction.

These games have been around for some time but have been limited to physical casinos. However, technology has advanced so much that playing live dealer games online is now possible.

With the development of live games, online gambling is becoming more interactive and engaging than ever before. The future looks promising for those who enjoy gambling online with the incorporation of live casino games.

How Roulette Works in Live Casinos

In live roulette, the technology has the sole role of “connecting” the player to a real gaming table. The user connects to the casino site through a Pc and displays an interface divided into two parts when accessing a live table.

The first part of the interface shows a streaming video of the action at the table, while the second part, entirely virtual, allows the player to place bets. The player then chooses their combinations and, when the allotted time for betting ends, can watch the ball roll and the number come out.

The system is also integrated on the casino side, so all realized winnings are immediately credited to the player’s account.

The possibility that the roulette can be rigger is averted because the dealers running the table interact with users using their nicknames. Privacy is also respected: players can see the gaming table, but casino staff cannot see players through webcams.

A final point to note about live roulette is the impossibility of playing with virtual money: you can only bet if you play with real money.

Wearable Technology in Online Gambling

Smartwatches and smart glasses are the future. Many experts predict that they will replace smartphones. For example, in the future, we will have casino games on our smartphones and be able to play them using smart glasses.

Microgaming is a leading software provider for online casinos and recently added a smartwatch slot game to its platform. The Microgaming Smartwatch slot was created for mobile devices and designed to offer players a casino experience even when they are away from home.

Virtual Reality will offer a more Immersive Gaming Experience

Virtual reality is still in its early stages, but it is already changing how people experience online gambling. As a result, the customer experience will be completely different from what it was before, especially with the rise of virtual reality providers.

VR casinos are immersive and interactive, which means that players can immerse themselves in an authentic casino experience without leaving their homes. As VR technology continues to improve and become more accessible, it will change the way people play online and make them more willing to try new things.


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