• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

What Will Perform Better: SafeMoon or SC?

SafeMoon and Siacoin might not be as popular as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but they have been turning many investors’ heads for some time now. That’s because both have the potential to become more popular and, consequently, more expensive in the future. Therefore, we’ll briefly overview Safemoon and Siacoin and discuss their price predictions.

But before that, let’s see what these two cryptocurrencies are and why they are popular. Read on.

What Is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency running on the SafeMoon Protocol. It’s based on three important functions: reflection, LP acquisition, and burn. In addition to that, SafeMoon’s team aims to establish an NFT exchange that will support many charity projects and educational applications. There’s also a plan for SAFEMOON holders to earn interest based on the number of coins they have and the burning strategy established by this protocol, which made SafeMoon a deflationary currency.

In short, SafeMoon has an ambitious roadmap, and so far, it has stuck to it, which is why many investors were interested in it.

About Siacoin

Sia is decentralized, blockchain-based cloud storage — a marketplace where people can “lease” and “rent” unused storage space. Smart contracts regulate all transactions and agreements, and Siacoin is a utility token that functions within the network.

As you can see, Sia has big plans, which are bound to skyrocket the popularity of its native Siacoin. That’s one of the main reasons investors started considering SC as an investment opportunity.

Expert Opinions on the Coins’ Prices

If you’re interested in investing in either SafeMoon or Siacoin, make sure to check out the following two sections. We’ll discuss the possible prices of these two cryptocurrencies in the future.

SafeMoon Price Prediction

SafeMoon is a rather affordable coin. Its average price in 2022 is about $0.00000001. This figure will likely remain in the next couple of years, with tiny fluctuations. However, by 2025, we will probably see the average increase to $0.00000002, which is almost 100% more compared to the current price. 

According to PricePrediction, the price of SafeMoon will reach $0.00000014 per unit by 2030, which is 14x more than the price at the moment. Therefore, it’s safe to say that SafeMoon will continue to increase, although it may not seem as obvious in the next several years, mainly because the protocol is still relatively new and hasn’t established any important features.

There are different SafeMoon price prediction points of view. Bear in mind that all of them are still just speculations, meaning there might be some unforeseen factors that could affect the future price.

Siacoin Price Forecast

The price average for Siacoin in 2022 has been around $0.005, as the cryptocurrency has recorded a stable increase in popularity. According to PricePrediction, the average for 2023 will be $0.008 per unit and will reach $0.018 by 2025. In other words, Siacoin has much more potential for price increase compared to SafeMoon. If we were to trust these predictions, the average price for Siacoin would reach $0.12 by 2030, which means it will continue to increase at a rapid rate. Of course, the entire protocol based on decentralized cloud computing will have to reach much more users than it currently has and even become part of mass adoption. Some of the most optimistic predictions forecast that SC could even go as high as $0.14 by 2030. 

If you want to learn the Siacoin price prediction in detail, you should read several expert opinions and compare them to see the bigger picture.

SafeMoon vs SC: What to Choose?

Both SafeMoon and Siacoin are utility tokens supporting very promising projects. Even though they might not be under the spotlight at the moment, there’s an increasing number of people interested in knowing more about them and even investing. We provided a short overview of price predictions in the future for the two, and they are mostly favorable. Both assets will likely become profitable if you invest now. Of course, they are part of the highly-volatile crypto world, so every price prediction should be followed by doing your research, which we recommend you do before making an investment. 


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