• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

Who Scores The Most First Baskets NBA & First Basket Scorer Stats

What is the Science Behind NBA First Basket Betting?

NBA First Basket betting markets have become one of the most popular sorts of bets among sports bettors in 2021, with minimal stake wagers paying out significant profits.

For two reasons, the First Scorer player prop is intriguing. It is decided early in the game, so there is no perspiration during the game. You either win or lose, and you know which one it is immediately away. This knowledge is advantageous since the direction of your live betting might be based on this gain or loss knowledge. Second, the plus odds (usually between +350 and +1250) can quickly multiply your money.

However, for one individual and his army of followers, data analysis has been behind some of the most ridiculous cash we’ve seen on social media to start the season.

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Ryan, from Indiana, started the @NBAFirstBasket Twitter account in January 2021 after becoming interested in the niche business that arose from a two-decade passion for sports betting.

“I started sports betting around 20 years ago. Over the past 5 years, the market has become more data-driven, with more data available to the consumer,” he told Dimers.com last week.

“I started putting together [data] models for the NBA (sides and totals) about 6 years ago. As the US movement to legalize sports gambling across the states has expanded, more prop markets are available than ever before. This got me interested in exploring models around the prop markets.”

The surge in props betting during the pandemic-plagued 2020/21 season “I started to gather the data on first baskets to see what story the data would tell me,” the self-described Finance geek explained.

The idea to investigate the model grew from there, with a buddy proposing he create a Twitter handle to share the statistics with those in the online gaming world.

My major goal was to get bettors‘ information so they could make more knowledgeable bets on this specific prop.”

That study and statistics drew quick notice, with gamblers recognizing that they suddenly had a potential edge in one of the most lucrative betting markets in basketball. Since then, things have gone out of hand.

Player Who Scored First:

While recognizing teams is useful, knowing which players score first is more revealing. The Celtics are the most likely to score first, but does it mean Jayson Tatum is the greatest bet to do so because he is the best player on the team? No. Usage per cent can tell you who has the ball the most, but they may pass early in the game, which means role players score first more often than stars. 

Team’s Leading Scorer:

To select a player, it is necessary to understand how frequently the team scores first. If a team only scores first 15% of the time, betting on a player from that team to score first is a disadvantage.

The Celtics, Warriors, Spurs, and Grizzlies were the only teams to score first in at least 66.7 percent of their February games. On the opposite end of the scale, the Wizards, Pelicans, Raptors, Timberwolves, 76ers, and Cavaliers scored first fewer than 40% of the time.


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