• Matthew Daniel
  • March 20, 2023

Debunking the Rumors: Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are not Dating Each Other

How Did the Dating Rumor Get Debunked?

Selena Gomez, the popular American singer, actress, and producer, is no stranger to rumors surrounding her love life. Her past relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber has often sparked debates among fans. Recently, rumors circulated that Gomez was dating Chris Evans, known for his role as Captain America. However, these rumors turned out to be a hoax.

Has Selena Gomez or Chris Evans Responded to the Rumors?

The rumors began when photos of Gomez and Evans leaving the same recording studio and restaurant appeared online. Fans immediately speculated that they were a couple and eagerly awaited confirmation. Additionally, some fans pointed out the similarities between a sweater worn by Gomez in a TikTok video and one worn by Evans in the movie “Knives Out.” However, Elle discovered that the photos were taken years ago, and the rumors were quickly debunked.

Despite the rumors, neither Gomez nor Evans has confirmed or denied them. Currently, Evans is reportedly dating Alba Baptista, known for her role in “Warrior Nun.” Gomez, on the other hand, has been linked to her “Only Murderers In the Building” co-star, Aaron Dominguez. However, Gomez denied these rumors during an interview and confirmed that she is currently single.

As rumors continue to swirl around the private lives of celebrities, it’s important to remember that not everything we read online is true. In the case of Selena Gomez and Chris Evans, the rumors of their romantic relationship turned out to be nothing but a hoax.

Justin Bieber Opinion😂

Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are not dating. The rumors about their romantic relationship were debunked and found to be false. It’s important to remember that celebrities have a right to privacy, and we should not spread rumors or speculate about their personal lives.


Q: How old is Selena Gomez?
A: Selena Gomez is 30 years old.

Q: How old is Chris Evans?
A: Chris Evans is 41 years old.

Q: Are Selena Gomez and Chris Evans working together for a movie?
A: There was a rumor about them working on a movie, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Q: Is Selena Gomez dating her OMITB co-star Aaron Dominguez?
A: No, Selena Gomez is not dating her OMITB co-star Aaron Dominguez. The rumors of their possible fling began when photos of them cozying up to one another on the sets of OMITB were leaked online, but Gomez quickly shut them down


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