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  • April 5, 2023

Spam Phone Calls: What is the Procedure for Enrolling Someone in Spam Calls?

So you want to play a joke on someone? Spam calls are a great technique to gain someone’s attention. Spam calls should be at the top of your list if you want to seek revenge on your enemies. To put it another way, signing someone up for a spam call is a great way to get even.

 If you plan to get revenge on your enemies, spam calls should be on top of your list. In other words, signing someone up for a spam call is the perfect way to get back your revenge.

Everyone mostly loves spam calls, especially if you want to get back to someone who has annoyed you. If you plan to get revenge on your enemies, spam calls should be on top of your list. In other words, signing someone up for a spam call is the perfect way to get back your revenge.

Register your number on the Do Not Call List:

Start by registering your phone number on the national Do Not Call List. This free service prohibits telemarketers from contacting you unless you have an existing business relationship with them.

Avoid Engaging with Telemarketers:

If you receive a call from a telemarketer, it’s best to avoid engaging in lengthy conversations. Politely decline their offers and request to be removed from their calling list. Remember, reputable companies will respect your request.

Report Unwanted Calls:

If you continue to receive unwanted calls despite being on the Do Not Call List, report them to the appropriate authorities. This helps in enforcing regulations and reducing the number of unsolicited calls.

Sometimes all you need is to reconnect with someone. Maybe they tried a practical joke on you, and you’re searching for a method to repay. Nothing is more intimate than a person’s cell phone.

If someone has played a prank on you, and you want to get back on them so badly, this might be the best option. There is nothing more crucial to a person other than his phone. So basically, attacking directly on someone’s phone might be nerve-racking. 

Since there are thousands of application apps already out there, sometimes people get confused about what to choose. Don’t you guys worry? We have got your back. We have got some ultimate guidelines to get revenge in the most successful way. All you need to do is keep reading this blog.

Have you ever missed your cell phone?

We’re sure the first thing that came to mind was complete anxiety. Imagine flipping the script and having your target hate their phone to the point that they want to throw it away. 

But the question is…

How can I add Someone To My spam List?

 First, find the emails you want to join up for spam with. Visit sites that are recognized for creating a lot of spam. AOL, MSN, Listopt, Discovery Newsletters, and Internet.com Newsletters are just a few examples. For each of their services, you must sign up and opt in. Take a seat and wait.

Block Specific Numbers on an iPhone

How Can I Sign Someone Up For A Spam Call?

1. The way to get on someone’s nerves is by spam calling them. In this way, they will start hating their phone so badly. Does the question remain the same where do I start? Here’s a list of application which is best for spam calling someone:

2. Fortunately, there is an application called BlowUpThephone.com. This application’s main target is to blow up the phone with random texts and messages from unknown numbers. In addition to this, the best part we love about this application is you cannot even block them. Another part we love is you can spam your target’s phone for up to 24 hours, which will blow up your target’s mind and phone.

Guess what? The user will never speculate who the prank caller is, which is perfect if you want to get revenge on someone super severely. On the other hand, you can write a custom message according to your own will, but the default messages they send are still funnier than your custom message. 

3. There’s another way to brutally get back at your target, which is called messagebomber.com. This prank is similar to the previous one, but the plus point, in this case, is, that you can send ‘text bombs’ instead of just texts. However, these text bombs consist of limitless cat pictures, which you can send on your target s phone. No doubt this fun classical prank will irritate your target this much that they will start hating their phones and start wanting to throw them away. This prank sends unlimited messages to your target s phone. Soon they will start believing that their phone number is posted on Craigslist. Now you can peacefully watch them anxiously finding that post that never existed. 

Blow Up The Phone With Funny Prank Texts And Calls

What is the Procedure for Registering a Phone Number for Spam?

Visit www.donotcall.gov to register your phone number or for more information on the registry, or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone number you wish to register. You will get fewer telemarketing calls within 31 days of registering your phone number.

For your benefit, we’ve compiled a list of application services that are ideal for spam-calling someone:

Blow Up The Phone:

Luckily, we found the most excellent revenge prank we could find, BlowUpThePhone.com. This prank call website may be used to make amusing phone calls and send prank text messages to your pals. The receiver will get something that will make him or her giggle all day with the help of these pranks.

For up to 24 hours, you may spam someone’s phone with messages or calls. The user will never know who delivered the prank, making it ideal for keeping your identity hidden!

Message Bomber:

Messagebomber.com is another version of this game. This prank is similar to the last one, but instead of only text pranks, you may send humorous photographs and “text bombs” that consist of funny things like sending infinite cat pictures to a target’s phone.

Keep an eye on them as they scramble to find the postings where their phone number is published. (Hint: they won’t be able to discover it since it doesn’t exist.)

Wacky Prank Calls to Try On Different Numbers | Ownage Pranks

Wacky Prank Calls:

Wacky Prank Calls is the most well-known prank call website for prank phoning. To mislead your friends and family, you may choose from various wind-up calls. You must enter the sender’s phone number and make a prank call according to the IVR instructions. 

The best part is that you may shout, scream, and laugh since they won’t be able to hear you as you quietly observe their puzzled reactions. The intelligent speech recognition technology responds to the victim, making the prank call more realistic and amusing.

Easy Prank:

Another excellent service is a simple prank, which allows you to send a humorous prank call to your buddies. However, because this does not support caller ID spoofing, you must use another alias number.

Aside from that, the site is an excellent prank calling website. You may effortlessly send entertaining calls or whatever you wish to send from here. As a result, this is a valuable feature of this website. Try it out!

Comedy Calls:

Comedy Calls offers a variety of amusing call alternatives. It has many sorts of prank calls that may be made to your buddies.

Every form of a prank may be done with this website, from funny to annoying. If you are a first-time user, you may simply make your first call for free. It will give you the website’s experience. 

Send Random Facts:

Last but not least, Send Random Facts is the final prank in our top five list. This site is a little less dangerous in terms of how you may prank your victim. Using this service, you may transmit many “facts” about various animals, such as cats and dogs, as well as strange daily things.

Last but not least, here is another way to get on someone’s nerves, called SendRandomFacts.com. This site is safer to prank someone. In short, you can send multiple facts about random objects to your target s phone. All you have to do is select the kind of facts you wish to send and pick out how many you want to accept as your target. That’s it you’re done, now sit back and enjoy watching your target go through that pain.  

How do I Stop Receiving Spam Calls on My Landline Phone?

There are several ways to stop receiving spam calls on your landline phone:

  1. Register your number with the National Do Not Call Registry.
  2. Use call blocking services provided by your phone company.
  3. Install a call-blocking device on your phone line.
  4. Avoid answering calls from unknown numbers or numbers that you don’t recognize.
  5. Be cautious about sharing your phone number with companies or individuals who may sell it to telemarketers.

Simply choose the type of information you want to send and how many your target will receive, then sit back and watch them cringe.

Finally, it’s time to put it all together!!! 

These are some of the most famous websites where you may send prank calls to your mates. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this list.


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