Weeknd Finally Explains His Face’s Recent Journey
  • Matthew Daniel
  • April 10, 2023

The Weeknd Finally Explains His Face’s Recent Journey

The Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, has been in the limelight recently for his ever-changing face. Fans have been speculating about the reason behind his various appearances, and now, the Canadian singer has finally spoken up about his facial transformation. In a recent interview, The Weeknd opened up about the inspiration behind his recent looks, and the message he wants to convey through his appearance.

Weeknd’s Journey

The Weeknd’s recent facial transformation started with the release of his album, “After Hours,” in which he sported a new look with a prominent bandaged nose. He continued this look in his performances and music videos, leaving fans curious about the reason behind it. In his recent interview with Variety, The Weeknd revealed that the bandaged nose was part of a larger character he was playing in his music videos.

The Weeknd Finally Explains Face Bandages - YouTube

The Weeknd explained that the character he portrays in his music videos is a “darker” version of himself, who has gone through various struggles and transformations. The bandaged nose, he revealed, was a reference to the plastic surgery he underwent in the music video for “Save Your Tears.” The Weeknd also explained that the red suit he wore in the same music video was a nod to his previous music video for “Blinding Lights.”

The Weeknd’s changing appearance has also been a way for him to express himself and his message through his music. In his interview, he stated that his facial transformations were a way for him to comment on society’s obsession with appearance and the pressure to always look perfect. He wanted to show that no matter what a person looks like, they can still be beautiful and successful.


The Weeknd’s recent facial transformation has left fans speculating about the reason behind it, but now we finally have answers. The Canadian singer has used his appearance as a way to express himself and comment on societal pressures. His various looks have been a part of a larger character he is playing in his music videos, and the bandaged nose is a reference to his plastic surgery in the “Save Your Tears” video. With this explanation, fans can now appreciate The Weeknd’s artistic expression even more.


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